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Last Post 7/3/2015 11:40 AM by  Ron Miles
Where I've been
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Ron Miles
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Commander In Chief

7/3/2015 11:40 AM

    On the off chance you have been wondering why I have been so scarce around here in recent months:

    It's not because of the impending demise of Gold Eagle (although that is surely a sad thing.)  Since roughly last Thanksgiving I have been heads-down working on the single largest and most complex software development project of my career. We actually started the planning for it a year earlier, so this has been a huge focus for me for a very long time. In particular, the past few months have been intense.

    My project went live on Wednesday, and after 24 hours of addressing some stability issues it is now stable and running beautifully. Today is literally the first day in months that I am not working.

    I intend to sit down this weekend and do some site maintenance, all of the general upkeep that I usually perform on a monthly basis. I'll have some updates on various ex-Axler authors, and maybe some other tidbits.

    Thank you all for not blowing up the site during my prolonged distraction.

    "Sadly then I knew the answer. All her life she was a dancer, but no one ever played the song she knew." - The Residents
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