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Part science-fiction, and all high adventure, Outlanders follows the Cerberus warriors as they struggle to free humanity from the yoke of slavery. Outlanders explodes off the page with globe-spanning adventures, ancient mythology, alien technology, and a cast of vividly drawn characters.

One hundred years after the nuclear holocaust known as Skydark, a group of warrior survivalists travel the Deathlands - the remains of what once was the United States. Ryan Cawdor and his companions are the ultimate survivors, searching the wastelands for a better way of life.

When archaeologist and sometimes- television personality Annja Creed crossed paths with the legend of Joan of Arc's sword, her life was changed forever. Bound to the mystical blade, Annja travels the world researching ancient artifacts and legends and battling evil at every turn.

RA 3 in 1
Trade paperback editions of Rogue Angel featuring three books in one volume.

Room 59 is a multinational policing agency sanctioned to terminate global threats. Its high-level operatives are seasoned in the dangerous game of espionage and counterterrorism. A Room 59 mission puts everything on the line; emotions run high, and so does the body count.

Mark Ellis
Mark Ellis, creator and primary author of Outlanders, has also done extensive work in the comic book industry. This is some of his other work, outside of the Axler universe

DL / OL Combo
This trade paperback combined two existing novels, one from the Deathlands series and one from the Outlanders series.

Earth Blood
This three book series was the only other one to carry the James Axler byline. A group of astronauts returns to Earth after a deep space mission, only to find that civilization has collapsed during their absence. A lot like Deathlands, only different. Kinda.

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Ratings 1-5
  Title Avg
1Children of the Serpent10.00
2Rim of the World10.00
3Talon and Fang10.00
4Exile to Hell10.00
5Mad God's Wrath10.00
Ratings 6-10
  Title Avg
6Mask of The Sphinx10.00
7Cerberus Storm10.00
8Hydra's Ring10.00
9Skull Throne10.00
10Tigers of Heaven10.00


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Ratings 1-5
  Title Avg
1Hell Road Warriors10.00
2Blood Harvest9.89
4The Mars Arena9.80
5Demons of Eden9.67
Ratings 6-10
  Title Avg
6Cannibal Moon9.50
7Nightmare Passage9.50
8Chill Factor9.50
9Dark Emblem9.50
10Doom Helix9.50

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