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Tigers of Heaven

The Imperator Wars - Book 2

In post-apocalyptic Earth, human destiny may be overturned once more...

Mark Ellis

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
February, 2001

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October, 2001

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October, 2004

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October, 2004

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October, 2004

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October, 2004

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October, 2004

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Unholy Alliance

The atomic megacull exiled humanity to the world of their birth and delivered the power of life and death to the hands of an elite few. It is a power measured in blood - those who shed it and those willing to spill it. What remains of America is ruled by emissaries of a conspiracy that has damned mankind throughout history. But this oligarchy is weakening, divided by internal conflict and the unbreakable will of a group of outcasts, fighting for humanity's freedom...

Origins Reconsidered

Torn between swearing allegiance to the mysterious imperator and maintaining control of their individual territories, the barons are vulnerable. Imprisoned in Cobalt's Area 51 stronghold, Kane, once a soldier of the ruling elite, is aided by rebel forces who fear future genocide for both human and hybrid alike. As the baronies factionalize, Kane and his compatriots must choose sides in a war that is about to shift the paradigm of power, and deal human destiny a terrifying new twist..

On the brink of doom, they have nothing to lose... and everything to fight for.


This book rocks!!!
by The Phantom
With the second book in the Imperator Wars trilogy, you get a story that takes off from Doom Dynasty, and ramps up the already ten star quality of that novel to even higher ground with the incredible Tigers of Heaven. This is no filler book or mediocre bridge between a first and third books in a trilogy. No, this one is one of most well crafted and exciting books in the entire series. Like the guitarist's amp in Spinal Tap, this book rating goes up to 11.

Mark Ellis turns this trilogy into overdrive, with loads of tense action, battle scenes, heart-wrenching moments, steamy sexual situations, and plot developments that continue to rope in the reader into this fascinating overall storyline.
I loved how Domi's character was written in this book. Character development is very strong in this series, and here we see a change in her that we havn't seen before. All the character interaction was outstandingly written in this book. Grant, Kane, and Brigid all shine in their own roles as well throughout the story. And the added tension of the group being seperated, and how the focus of the book shifted from character to character was entertaining. My favorite scenes were Kane's adventure under area 51. There was so many surprises with the various Barons and their shifting loyalties, and I was very interested in Baron Sharpe's actions. And although Lakesh had a small role in this book, what happens to him at the end is a very significant event in the series.
The Tigers of Heaven themselves were a latecomer in the book, but it was a goodcliffhanger ending on their island, leaving the reader needing to grab the next book right away.
Tigers Of Heaven Explored
To anyone who follows my online cat_reviews of the Outlanders series, Ive said it before and I'll say it again- right when you think the series is at its peak and you are reading the best book, the next one is even better. Tigers Of Heaven deals cultural differences between the hybrids and the humans. For those that have yet to read Outlanders and do not know what Im talking about, this book deals with 2 groups of enemies that hate eachother, and the realization that the only way to survive is to make a truce despite the major differences. For those that read Outlanders and know what Im talking about- Kane is still imprisoned in Area 51, during that time he makes aquaintences with some female hybrids and they plot to overthow the tyrant that controls the place. On the outside, his allies Grant and Brigid are making attempts to spring him from the place and then run into others who want to take over the place. An uneasy alliance is met, important characters are lost, new allies discovered. As to where the Tigers of Heaven come into place, this is in the last stage of the book and Grant finds someone to be happy with.This book is great reading and has a good moralistic sense. As for what I dont like about the book, thats simple- nothing, each page keeps you turning to the next. One of the best 350 page books I have ever read. There isnt a dull moment in this book. One of the best I have best and I can not wait for the next book to come out.
Tigers of Heaven
by BJM
As usual this latest outlanders installment has soured far beyond my wildest expectations. This wild rollcoaster ride of unexpected plot twists and shifting perceptions of both the barons and the main characters, carries this novel well beyond the sterotypical adventure/sci fi novel. With a War brewing among the barons and a strange imperator with power beyond that of even Balam, the author takes the reader on a journey of revealations and sudden unexpected events that leave the reader shocked and breathless. Who will survive? Just when you think you have things figured out and you know where each character stands things shift and a whole new prespective is revealed. In this second novel in the imperator wars trilogy the author dangles some answers to questions left unanswered in Doom Dynasty while not really given the reader what they really want. With so many questions left unanswered as this second novel ends it will leave you salivating for more.
Major Insights
by Outlanders
This novel is one of the best Mark has written to date. It begins where Doom Dynasty left off, with Kane in the Clutches of Baron Cobalt in Area 51. I will not go into the details of what was happening to him, as it would spoil it for the reader.

Suffice to say, the reader is treated a rare glimpse into the mind and society of the Hybrid race, how they react, their views on humanity and each other, emotions, etc.

While Kane is held captive, Grant, Brigid as well as a small team of natives leave the Darks in the Titano (the name the War Wag was Christened), on a desperate rescue mission.

Along the way they encounter a group of Magistrates led by none other than Baron Sharpe himself, and an uneasy alliance is formed between both parties, as their final destination, AREA 51, remains the same. Even though their collective reasons for hitting the mythical base are different.

The novel is action packed, as you would expect, but it also gives a long overdue insight into the Albino Domi's mind, and the how's and whys she reacts the way she does. It also fleshes out this character even more so.

To add icing to the cake, several new characters are introduced in the novel, well some really re-introduced, that could prove to be great friends, or deadly foes. These characters range from several Hybrids, to Magistrates as well as the Tigers of Heaven (introduced for the first time in Outer Darkness).

Even though the Tigers play only a small role in the novel, the events that take place on their island off the western coast will play significantly in upcoming novels. We're talking some very high tech, very unusual occurrences.

Also, there is something that happens in the novel that will shock any long time reader. Well two things, if you count what happens to Grant.

Enjoy, it is well worth the read, and I personally can't wait to get my hand on Purgatory Road. Which incidentally, has Kane, Brigid and Grant prominently displayed on the cover.
Meow, Baby, Meow.
by Doug!
Hmm, how do you make a kick-ass Science Fiction series novel?

Take Area 51...

Add in alien sex,

an APC/Jeep war,

an underground battle,

an ass-kicking in an elevator,



"injuns" with M-16's,

rumors of dinosaurs,

the alleged death of a main character,

a mysterious being who can rejuvenate the ancient and crippled,

a hot tub sex scene,

and mix it ALL together with a little Viva Las Vegas...

I think you can come close to perfection with this one. Most people talk about the middle book of a trilogy being slow or weak? This was the exception to that rule. The first book was much less full than this one, and this one had a lot of energy to it, despite all the plot points, or maybe even BECAUSE of all the vibrant energy plugged into it.

Just awesome.
by One Eye Chills
Tigers of Heaven is one of my all-time favorites in this series. I love the samurai warrior and bushido stuff.

Mark Ellis can tap into many cultural themes and make them all fit in this fabulous series. From martians to samurais to dinosaurs - all fit into this one-of-a-kind series.

Just the type of book that you can read over and over.