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Blood Harvest

A fight for survival in a world of danger and sudden death

Chuck Rogers

Cover Artist:
Dave Seeley

First Edition

Release Date:
March, 2010

Cover Price:




Release Date:
March, 2010

Cover Price:


Graphic Audio MP3 Download

Release Date:
February, 2011

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
February, 2011

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Welcome to the dark side of tomorrow. Welcome to the Deathlands.
Washed ashore in the North Atlantic, Ryan Cawdor and Doc Tanner discover two islands intact after Skydark, but whose inhabitants suffer a darker, more horrifying punishment. When the sun goes down, mutants called Nightwalkers manifest to unleash a feast of horror... which Ryan and Doc must struggle to survive.

Back Cover:

Resistance Path

The cataclysm of nuclear winter transmuted the world into a place both torturous and unforgiving. But there are those with the courage and perseverance to seek out something beyond the merciless live-and-death struggle of Deathlands. In a treacherous frontier that plays for keeps, staying alive is the best victory....

Night Terrors

Washed ashore in the North Atlantic, Ryan Cawdor and Doc Tanner discover two islands still pristinely intact after Skydark, but whose inhabitants suffer a darker, more horrifying punishment. A hideous strain of mutation infests, turning some into half-monstrous giants with an unquenchable thirst for blood. The Nightwalkers unleash a hellish feast of horror when the sun goes down. Now Ryan and Doc struggle to survive this enclave of unimaginable terror, trapped in a baronial conflict between the rulers of night and day, with only one way out -- internecine war in a world of the damned....Welcome to the dark side of tomorrow. Welcome to the Deathlands.


This one you can sink your teeth into...
by emotherian

I found this one has a bite! I could not put it down. "I must confess, I'm not left handed" The Princess Bride lives in Doc. The only problem's I had with this one (minor as they were) was Ryan not knowing what grapeshot was. There have been many references to Doc's LeMat having a grapeshot effect and not just written by the writer, but in statement from Ryan. JB would NEVER ask nor tell Mildred to surrender. The misshapen, mutated from hell night stalkers were dead on excellent. I give this one a 10. Keep it going Chuck...

Night Walkers Truly Terrifying
by cabodian

I thoroughly enjoyed Blood Harvest. It was a vampireesque tale, without any of the supernatural crap that often accompanies stories of "the undead". These mutants were well done.

I don't know how I felt about Doc's duel with the son where it is an obvious allusion to The Princess Bride. Is it lame because it's a rip-off, an idea already used, or is it funny because Doc is compared to the swashbucklers of film? Not quite sure. Perhaps he got to watch the movie when he was held a prisoner of Project Chronos.

One part in the book I&#160;loved, was&#160;the final conflict at the end. It was nice to see Krysty's Giai powers come out and&#160;Doc leading the rebellion, whilst stoned on the&#160;islander's strange concotion of blood and plants.&#160;

Best Deathlands I've read in a while. &#160;I look forward to reading more of Chuck's work.

one of the better ones
by Lake
one of the better book in series however , I'm sure Ryan knew what grape shot is
Is Chuck Rogers James Axler?
by Timbermountain
This is classic James Axler! Rogers brings out the toughness of each of the companions to new heights, while having them retain their humanity. I loved the parallel story lines. I couldn't put this book down. Looking forward to more Chuck Rogers!
Must have more.....
by Thor
This book projected me into another world! The multiple story lines were cohesive while individually they projected me from one nightmare event to the next. The vampire-like characters were especially haunting since they were regal, articulate and totally detached from the effects their lifestyle had on other life forms. I could not read fast enough to appease my mind and my thirst to experience this adventure. Chuck Rogers, whoever you are and where ever you are . . . give me more!
One of the best DL books ever!!!!
by ShadowTek

This book is simply AWESOME!! If I could rate it a 100 I would...

OK, wow where to start..

First the book starts out with a malfunctioning gateway, it will only transfer two members at a time, and then theres a 72 hour wait.. but the gateway is under siege by stickies, that alone was awesome, but then, the members get transported to some islands, one is ruled by sort of vampires, then theres underground giants, then the slave island, theres so much entertainment in this book its insane!

Its a full scale war! Handled perfectly! Wow, I really don't know what else to say but wow.. Get this book.. period, you wont be disappointed!
by silentalbino
I bought this book because off the high score, but was apprehensive due to the Vampire's. could not have been more surprised- the book is sublime buy it.
by keaton

I could not believe it this book was amazing.

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;the mutants the&nbsp;malfunctioning&nbsp;gateway it made for the best book ever .

&nbsp; &nbsp;I was on my toes the whole time and&nbsp;didn't&nbsp;put the book down i read it three times just to believe it.

Anyone should get this book.