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Chill Factor

Raw determination in a treacherous new world

Laurence James

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
May, 1992

Cover Price:


Second Edition

Release Date:
April, 1999

Cover Price:


Audio Cassette

Release Date:
May, 1999

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
July, 2006

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Graphic Audio MP3 Download

Release Date:
July, 2006

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Front Cover - Small
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Trekking through the ruins of a nuclear-devastated America, Ryan Cawdor and his nomadic band of warrior-survivalists search for the secrets of the past that might promise a future.

To rescue his young son enslaved in the frigid North, Ryan must first face one of his oldest enemies -- and play out the deadly finale to their private war.

Back Cover:


America's legacy of annihilation continues for Ryan Cawdor and his band of post-apocalypse survivors on a quest to find a peaceful new life. Trekking through the ruins of a devastated America, they search for secrets of the past that might promise a future. This is the odyssey called Deathlands.

Ryan travels to the snowy wastes north of the forty-ninth parallel to rescue his young son, enslaved in a mining colony. In this forbidding landscape, one of Ryan's oldest enemies lies in wait, orchestrating a deadly finale to their private war.

In the biting cold, Ryan must battle a legion of hunter androids designed to track and kill any intruders with ruthless ingenuity. But for Ryan Cawdor, the need to save his son is greater than any threat the one-eyed warrior may encounter.

Welcome to the Deathlands, where you don't have to die to go to hell.


Finished Chill Factor 01/16/2003
by GuapoPogi
Great book. The sec droids were cool, and I like Ryan being off by himself for most of the book. I liked Zimyanin being in this book but I felt that it wasn't very plausible that he had mastered the mat trans gateways and had aquired a bunch of other Russians to help him. It was a good story though. The more that Dean is a main character the more I like him too. Also it was nice to see Dean wind up with a real gun, and not be trying to use a little .22 all the time. I also liked that this book was closely tied to the last book and the next book. The series was at its best when LJ had no gaps between the books, and the continuity was perfect. I give it a 9.
Great story to go with the awesome cover!
by The Phantom
An action filled adventure in the ongoing series, this book features mostly Ryan Cawdor on his own for most of the story.

He finds a woman hiding in some caves and she becomes his ally as he searches for his son, who is enslaved in a mining camp. The villain in here was first introduced in Red Holocaust, and later in Red Equinox.

The rest of the gang is at Jak's place in New Mexico, while Ryan goes this adventure alone. His fight with some sec droids in the caves was cool, and I liked the tense escape through the caves and the icy underground river. The scenes at the mining camp were so so, but the book was good at the end, with the final confrontation with the villain and one of the sec droids.

This book has one of my very favorite Herring artworks, so I'm glad it was a good story too. Not the best novel in the series so far, but I enjoyed it more than most. I will give it an 8.
by One Eye Chills
DEATHLANDS TERMINATOR STYLE!! Loved it. I remember this particular novel coming out around the same time as T2, and Laurence James just did another awesome job of combining this idea into the frameworks of Deathlands.
This was without a doubt - one of my all-time favorites in this ongoing saga. I think it was the combination of Ryan and Dean having time to themselves.
Its not often that the group split up and have seperate adventures - and I personally would love to see a trilogy based entirely upon that very idea. But this one did that for me. It was chillingly dark and desperate feeling, with the added bonus of one of my all-time best coldhearts - the Russian Zimyanin!
Laurence loved the 3-book bad guys demise formula - and so did I!
A must read for any reader.
by aceontheline
Hunter androids and Zimyanin too! Ryan at his best. Couldn't put this one down. Thank you Mr.James. This one is movie material.