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Nightmare Passage

Raw determination in a dark new age

Mark Ellis

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
January, 1998

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Release Date:
August, 2001

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
December, 2009

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December, 2009

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Ryan Cawdor and friends fear they have crossed time lines when they encounter an aspiring god-king whose ambitions are straight out of ancient Egypt. In the sands of California's Guadalupe Desert, Ryan must make the right moves to save them from another kind of hell -- abject slavery.

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Life is precarious in postapocalyptic America, threatened by the toxic environment and the return to savagery. Born into this bleak reality, Ryan Cawdor roams the hell trails of Deathlands with his band of warrior survivalists. All they know is to endure and seize whatever chance they get for a better tomorrow.


In the sands of California's Guadalupe desert, Ryan and companions fear that they have crossed time lines when they stumble upon a settlement straight out of fabled Egypt. What they find is a rebellion against an aspiring god-king who wants to enslave them. To overcome an enemy with unusual powers, Ryan must bide his time, though his every instinct is to strike out in rage.

In the Deathlands, no one has met the ultimate foe...


# 40 Nightmare Passage 10/24/2003
by GuapoPogi
This was another example of how good the Deathlands series can be in a competent authors hands. This was a well written, mostly original story. The Egyptian theme was completely new, and very interesting. It was nice to see the group leave a city still standing as they left for a change also. This book left a few interesting story lines open at the end too. Another run in with Nefron would make for an interesting future book. I give it a 9.
Psi-god takes control of the friends
by pigeonxman
This self proclaimed "god" is created in a redoubt in the desert and rises to glory with his psi abilities. The companions stumble apon him and a mind war takes place. Krysty gets it on in her dreams in a kick ass "encounter" with the god.The Earth Mother and Ryans love for Krysty save the day once again. Good read...the whole egyptian theme was different and interesting.
Meet Hell Eyes!
by The Phantom
This story has a theme of ancient Egypt. A very unique villain stars in this episode of Ryan's travels, and this book is one of the more interesting adventures in the series.
I liked how the background of the villain was explained, how he came to be and he had some unusual abilities. Several supporting characters in the novel made the story more complex, and you get to see various viewpoints between all the characters in the novel.
The Aten city most of the story takes place in is a very colorful and exotic location for this adventure, and Ryan and his friends get some funny makeovers in the Pharaoh wanna-be's kingdom.
This is an imaginative tale with a good balance of action, intrigue and adventure. The characterizations were perfect, and it was nice to see each member of Ryan's party play their own key roles in the book. The ending left me wondering what the future holds for the town with their new ruler.
by One Eye Chills
Mark Ellis is such a great writer. He can delve into any series anytime, and come out a winner. NIGHTMARE PASSAGE was truly unique with both storyline and a new and colorful coldheart.
Akhnaton was such an exciting and interesting character that he burned the pages when he was front and center.
I love it when Ryan and Krysty's love is tested. This always makes for great conflict and reading. Emotions run high in this one, leaving the reader wondering where Krysty's head is at.
The ending battle between Krysty and Akhnaton was truly stupendous. When the companions are made slaves, resembling something straight out of ancient Egypt - that is just classic stuff!
I hope to God that Mr. Ellis visits Deathlands from time to time.
With obvious love for the series, he should take a break now and then from OUTLANDERS and give us more DEATHLANDS magic.
C'mon, Mark! Whatta ya say? Please!?
I "Aten" The Whole Thing!
by DanielJ.

I read this DL novel by Mark Ellis over the summer, having already read the semi-sequel to it in the Outlanders series, Mask of the Sphinx.

Nightmare Passage was very enjoyable mainly because it was so different from all the other DL novels I had read, even those by Mark Ellis.

I liked the whole idea of excavating the set of the original version of The Ten Commandments and turning it into the Egyptian city of Aten out in the California desert. I saw that a recent TV movie on the Sci-Fi Channel "borrowed" that element.

I enjoyed Hell Eyes as a villain, particularly the way he kicked Ryan's ass a couple of times. He was the kind of adversary that the Cerberus crew runs up against as a matter of course in Outlanders, and it shows how out-classed the DL group would be in an average OL setting.

It was also interesting to see Krysty save the day for once instead of whimpering and whining "Oh, lover". She really took Hell Eyes apart in a very gruesome sequence.

All the characters got their time in the spotlight in this one, from Mildred to Doc to Jak.

Overall, &#160;Nightmare Passage is a painful reminder of what the DL series could have been if Mark Ellis had stayed on it with his inventive, intelligent plots and sharp characterization.

Also...people have been belly-aching for years that all the continuity between the books stopped after Laurence James left the DL series...Nightmare Passage picks up exactly where the previous book, Watersleep by Terry Collins, left off and the book following Nightmare Passage, Freedom Lost, picked up where it left off.

And these books were published three or so years after Laurence James left.

A God Walks...
by ShadowTek
One of the best Deathland books ever, I loved this book and is second only to Blood Harvest.

A genetically engineered God.. (and a Cute Goddess Daughter) massive info about the way the world works is in this book.

Enter Egypt (but in California on a old pre-dark movie set) Ryan and company face a God, A being that influences the mind through dreams, the intricate political influences and the way everything comes together is incredible!

Hands down a must get!