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Dark Emblem

Warrior wayfarers strive for a better future in the midst of a stark reality

Terry Collins

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
October, 1998

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Audio Cassette

Release Date:
October, 2001

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
April, 2006

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Release Date:
April, 2006

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After a relatively easy mat-trans jump, Ryan and his companions find themselves in the company of Dr. Silas Jamaisvous, a seemingly pleasant host who appears to understand the mat-trans systems extremely well.

Seeing signs that local inhabitants have been used as guinea pigs for the scientist's ruthless experiments, the group realizes that they have to stop this line of research before it goes too far....

Back Cover:


Transformed by the nuclear conflict of 2001, the earth had turned into a wasteland ruled by anarchy and barbarism. Heirs in this blighted world, Ryan Cawdor and his warrior wayfarers fight for survival... and a way to restore humanity's lost promise.


The preholocaust redoubts housing the dangerous and unpredictable mat-trans units are the legacy of the whitecoat scientists and their precocious knowledge. For the very few in the know, the network of redoubts serves as an escape route and transport through the bleak landscape.

Emerging remarkably unscathed after a mat-trans jump, Ryan and his wayfarers are welcomed by Dr. Silas Jamaisvous in his fortress among the ruins of San Juan. This man of science may hold a vital key to the future, but is he an icon of hope or a dark emblem of the past?

In the Deathlands, time can kill or save....


Dark Emblem 10/31/2003
by GuapoPogi
I always wanted to hear about Doc's days in the 1990's. I loved this book. I was long over due to have more of Doc's past be told. Dr. Silas Jamaisvous was a great character, and his experiments were interesting. I think this was the first Deathlands book in a long time that left me really wanting more. I wanted to learn more about Doc's past, and more about Operation Chronos. Too bad this was the last Deathlands book by Terry Collins. I give this book a 10.
Doc Tanner's story
by The Phantom
This is a special treat for long-time readers of the series. The story of Doc Tanner is revealed at last in this novel, making it one of the most fascinating episodes in the series. A look is given into various key moments of Doc's experiences involving the time-trawling part of operation chronos. The general backstory, beginning with Pilgrimage To Hell, has been briefly mentioned, mostly in the earliest books, and in Dark Emblem, we see the scenes unfolded in detail in a number of well written cut-scenes. Since Doc has been one of my favorite character's in the series, I was delighted to read a book centered around him.

Another interesting thing with this book is a direct connection with the Outlanders novel Omega Path. Here we see from Doc's perspective his brief meeting with the cerberus crew in the same scene found on page 248 of that novel! I thought this was a really cool thing the writers did, and shows that a continuity of this type in the "axlerverse" is a thing that could be done if GE and the writers cared about the books enough.

This book took a while to get going, at least as far as action goes, I thought it needed some kind of a punch in the first half of the novel. Other than the story surrounding Doc, the book doesn't offer much, Ryan and some of his companions go off to another redoubt to deal with some vampire creatures, but this part of the story was nothing special, although it did add to some action for the book. For these reasons, I think an 8 is the most I can give it, but overall, a unique, fresh, and intelligently written entry in the series. A must read for anyone who started reading the series from the start.
Very Great read!!!
by jschiltz1
In my opinion, this is one of the fastest reads of any of the DL books. From the moment you pick it up, till the very surprising and ironic epilouge, you do not want to put this one down.

The back story on Doc was very illuminating and I think should have been done a very long time ago. I would be interested in seeing a mini series on all of the characters. This combined with the intriguing plot of the island and the other gateways made this a very enjoyable read. Because I haven't read any of the books after this one I can't wait to see if anything happens with the disc that Mildred took.

I give this one a 10 but would give more if I could.
Docs past relieved.. Finally!
by ShadowTek
Ok, I give this book a 10 simply because it relieved Docs past, it tells the story from his 1800's, then his 1900's, and even his 2+++'s, this IMO was a must that Deathlands had to eventually do, but the story of Silas in San Juan is also great, also in one of docs time jumps (he is jumped through time again) he meets the cast of Outlanders, very cool :)

While on Puerto Rico they hunt down a legendary creature. A great book, simply because it tells Docs past!!