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Demons of Eden

Adventure and suspense in the midst of the new reality

Mark Ellis

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
May, 1997

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Audio Cassette

Release Date:
March, 2001

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
February, 2009

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February, 2009

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The legacy of the twentieth century was the world-wasting nuclear firestorm that destroyed a way of life forever, leaving humanity without hope. But in a hidden valley Ryan Cawdor an his warrior survivalists encounter an awesome force, a power that can heal or destroy.

In the Deathlands life is locked in mortal combat, and the only way out is the future.

Back Cover:


The legacy of the twentieth century was the world-wasting nuclear firestorm that destroyed a way of life forever. Civilization is in ruins, its pitiful remnants perverted by brute force, and mankind is less at home on the planet than ever before. Yet in the desolation that is the Deathlands, an intrepid group of wayfarers continues the determined fight for survival and a better future.


Leaving a western ville besieged by desert pirates in search of the legendary cities of the Spanish conquistadors, Ryan Cawdor and his warrior survivalists enter a hidden valley untouched by civilization. Here the descendants of the First People are at one with Nature, following their sacred and mystical traditions. But deep in the valley is an awesome force, a power that can freely heal...or wantonly destroy.

In the Deathlands life is locked in mortal combat, and the only way out is the future.


Finished # 37 Demons Of Eden 10/18/2003
by GuapoPogi
This book was a great read. My only real problem with it is the complete impossibility of the prairie schooners. The story was original, and very well written. The mythology was interesting, and left you wanting more. I give it a 9.
Dances with Cawdor
by Robey
Demons of Eden took a very unique approach to the Western themes which Laurence James was so addicted. This book had very real, raw "frontier" feel to it.

Mark Ellis offered what seemed a like a genuine portrayel of plains Indians and their religions rather than the Hollywood version which had been featured in other DL novels.

The hidden valley of Ti-Ra-Way where many Indian cultures had retreated to was fascinating as well as the manifestation of genuine Earth or Gaia energy. But what the heck are "Lea" lines? Ley lines? Who is responsible for that mistake?

That was the only thing which keeps me from giving Demons of Eden a 10 rating. Other than that, it's a great read.
A Classic
by The Phantom
I never thought I would give ten stars to a Deathlands novel, but in this case, you gotta give it what it deserves. No small wonder Mark Ellis is the author behind the Axler name on this title.

Demons of Eden is a fantastic entry in the DL series, so much so that it is almost a stand-alone adventure novel of classic stature anyone can enjoy, wheather or not you read any other books in this series.
The book is full of epic battles and journeys, full of adventure taking place near the rocky mountain area of the future post nuke America. Ryan and his friends spend much of the first portion of the book in a clash with prairie pirates, in an exciting defense of a village. This is where a connection to Stoneface enters the picture. The Indian Ryan meets in that novel has a huge role in Demons of Eden. And the development with this character plunges Ryan and his gang into a world unlike any they have ever seen before. The author weaves an interesting and mysterious element of Indian legend into the story, with great plot twists, and creates a fascinating world hidden from the rest of Deathlands, well drawn characters and grand adventure. And don't forget the action. Tons of that here!
I also really enjoyed the wolf called Blood-sniffer. If you like wolves, you've got to read this story!

This book is without question the best book in the series I have read so far, and I doubt there could be many that could match the quality of this novel. Superb writing from the start to the last page.
by One Eye Chills
Mark Ellis is just priceless when he delivers us a fresh rendition of yet another great DEATHLANDS adventure.
Demons of Eden was so well written with everything from pirates to Amerindians, with a land full of mystery and beauty that I was just spellbound reading this one.
Mark Ellis does just a wonderful job of mixing Indian lore with Deathlands here that it just fit like a well-worn glove to this post-holocaust universe.
What can I say, Mark Ellis is a master storyteller in both series, and I find myself very fortunate to read each and every one of his exciting tales.
I just wish he would grace us with yet another DEATHLANDS tale from time to time...
A mystic adventure story
by Sisoka
So far, Demons of Eden is the only book in the Deathlands series I have read, athough I started Devil Riders.

Demons of Eden is apparently unique among most of the books, having an unusual degree of character development and research not typical of the other novels in the series.

As an educator in Native American history, I found this book to be very well-researched, with a mystical sci-fi spin on the Native legends about how man and beast were once able to commune on an equal level.

Although the level of violence was a bit too graphic, I was engaged on a number of different levels by Demons of Eden and even recommended it to my colleagues.
Apocalyptic Western
by aceontheline

Mr. Eliis did a very nice job of blending "The Magnificent Seven/ Garden of Evil/ McKenna's Gold" westerns into a post apocalypse western. While the story line may not be a new one, it made for a very good DL read and a refreshing change of pace. I wonder if Mose Autry is a descendent of Gene Autry? Being part Cherokee I found the Indian mysticism interesting though a bit over done for my taste, but thats just me. The only other complaint I have with an otherwise fine read is that I thought the characterizations of the companions to be a little out of sync, especially Ryan's. I didn't care for Mr.Ellis' interpretation of Ryan's character as much as Mr.James'. All in all it still ranks as one of the better DL books.

Demons of Eden--another "could have been" classic
by DanielJ.

Demons of Eden is the second Deathlands book by Mark Ellis and it's another indication of what the series could have been if he had either stayed with it or other writers had followed the kind of stories he told.

A very rich story, the book felt almost like a big epic western movie. There was great stuff about American indian legends and lore that showed up in the Outlanders series.

I thought the Cavern of Creation premise was brilliant.

A great book and coming from somebody who really doesn't care anything about the DL series, that's quite the testament to the quality!

by ShadowTek
Another 10 from Mark Ellis, this is a story of two warring factions, one of which is allied with human intelligent wolves!

Also it has a fragment of creation showing that the way of the world is not exactly as it seems.. I wont give away too much, but its a must for DL collectors!

Its a paradise with a catch.. maybe.. Eden..