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Last Post 8/24/2009 4:34 PM by  Llew32
Outlanders 1-15 Graphic Audio books - ebay
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7/30/2009 10:33 PM
    I am selling the first 15 of my Outlanders Graphic Audio books on ebay.

    Look for item 250475053026. 

    I know the price may seem a bit high but it breaks down to a little more then $8 a book which is much better then paying the $13-$20 that GA offers.  The books are used  but the discs are in very good condition.  Most only listened to once or twice then put into storage.  I really don't want to sell them but I am out of work and need some cash to pay the bills

    I would post a link but the way works, I cannot paste any links or content.  Keep getting error "Your browser does not support rich content"  I am using FireFox and have no problems cut and paste with other websites. Maybe Ron can look into this at some point when he gets some downtime from work?

    Thanks for considering.  Due to EBAY policies, I can't sell it here or make consider any offers until the time has closed out as unsold.  I will have it up for 5 days from tonight.

    Thanks for looking

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    8/24/2009 4:34 PM
    The original listing didn't sell so I have them listed individually. 

    [url=]My ebay Sale Page[/url] Thanks for checking them out

    oops  guess html isn't allowed...darn it!
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