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Sky Raider

Raw determination in a land of horror... and hope

Nick Pollotta

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Release Date:
June, 2007

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Release Date:
June, 2007

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Release Date:
June, 2007

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by Realdeal51

If there was anything that could be done to rectify this tragedy and get my $7.99 back, it just wouldn't be enough. I had a "I feel dirty" moment reading this completely unimaginative piece of fiction. In contrast to re-reading "Crater Lake" the weekend before, it reminds me of of the difference between a '70 Hemi 'Cuda and an 83 K-car...same brand name, but just absolutely no comparison in terms of performance or quality. Keep this up and I'll be reading Dan Brown novels before bedtime.

Readers Services
by jbcohen

Received this one as a part of Golden Eagle's Readers Services program last weekend and I was ready for a fresh novel. This has been one of the best Death Lands novel that I have read to date, have not ready that many, but this is one is an excellent one and fast paced in some areas. I would advise all readers to be anxiously awaiting this installment in the saga.

homie weps?
by zaphodbblx
I guess the publishers don't even care anymore..This is the first Deathlands I just won't finish..its that bad
this is the one that got me hooked.
by thebigstick

Picked it up a my local borders while waiting for my sis to finish shopping and read a few chapters within a week I was back and I bought the book. I thought it was good and it had its action although now that I've read some of the originals I can see that the author took a few liberties and the story was a bit weak in some parts, over all a good read though. 8/10

Well its still better then Strontium Swamp!
by Jodes

This book really wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Yes some of it plodded along in places, but it actually wasn't all that bad of a story.

Is it as good as Shatter Zone, Perdition Valley, or Cannibal Moon? No, but its light years ahead of Black Harvest and Strontium Swamp!

I do think the franchise might be heading in the right direction under Pollatta and Phillipson..