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Staff of Judea

This religious relic in the wrong hands would be a disaster of epic proportions....

Joe Nassise

Cover Artist:
Tim Bradstreet


Release Date:
March, 2013

Cover Price:

First Edition

Release Date:
March, 2013

Cover Price:



Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
August, 2013

Cover Price:



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Back Cover:

The Staff of Aaron…the sword of Joan of Arc.

After decoding an ancient scroll—one that purports to pinpont the treasure of the Jewish Temple, lost for two thousand years—archaeologist Annja Creed agrees to lead the party to recover the find in Judea. It's a perilous desert journey through sandstorms and bandits, and complicated by mysterious sabotage within the group, to arrive at a long-forgotten fortress deep beneath a mountain. Only then does Annja discover that this archaeological expedition is really one man's quest for the mystical Staff of Aaron, one of the Bible's holiest and most powerful relics—a weapon they say can do incalculable harm in the hands of the wrong individual. She must try everything humanly possible to prevent the staff from being used for selfish purposes. Even if it puts her in the mightiest battle yet—sword against staff.