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Treasure of Lima

When a lost hoard beckons, danger awaits...

Joe Nassise

Cover Artist:
Tim Bradstreet

First Edition

Release Date:
January, 2014

Cover Price:




Release Date:
January, 2014

Cover Price:


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A myth of the past holds the promise of wealth... and death.

Costa Rica's white beaches and coral reefs should be adventure-proof. But naturally, archaeologist and TV show host Annja Creed's peace is interrupted by a mysterious woman with a strange tale. Her husband has disappeared after leading an expedition in search of the "Lost Loot of Lima." The treasure was lost in the late nineteenth century, when a Peruvian ship captain had gone mad with greed. Now Annja has been asked to lead a fateful sojourn for the lost loot. But where treasures are lost, danger will always be found....

Back Cover:

White beaches and coral reefs should be adventure-proof…

For archaeologist and TV show host Annja Creed, a restful vacation in Costa Rica is as elusive as a rare artifact. Days into her sojourn, Annja's peace is interrupted by a woman with a mysterious—and enticing—tale. Weeks earlier, her husband led an expedition into the rain forest, in search of the lost treasure of Lima, and hadn't returned. The priceless hoard was smuggled out of Peru during the country's nineteenth-century revolt against Spain. But it disappeared when a ship captain went mad with greed.

Twenty-six expeditions have gone after the treasure. And twenty-six expeditions have vanished.

Sympathetic to the woman's distress, Annja agrees to head up a rescue party for her missing husband. And Annja can't deny her own interest in the lost hoard. Now the fates of two expeditions are at stake, along with a fortune in gold, silver and jewels rumoured to be exquisite. But the dense jungle of Cocos Island guards its primitive secrets well. Danger lurks beneath the ancient green canopy. And this time, Annja doesn't see it coming….