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Road Wars

Blazing a perilous trail through the heart of darkness

Laurence James

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
October, 1994

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Audio Cassette

Release Date:
June, 2000

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
May, 2007

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Graphic Audio MP3 Download

Release Date:
May, 2007

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A cryptic message sends Ryan Cawdor and the Armorer on an odyssey to the Pacific Northwest, away from their band of warrior survivalists. As the endless miles come between them, the odds for survival are not in their favor.

In the Deathlands, fate and chance are clashing with frightening force.

Back Cover:


Emerging out of the ashes of the nuclear apocalypse, no one has been more successful and determined than Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists. But if the wasteland's endless miles come between them, the odds for getting back together again -- for their very survival -- are not in their favor.


A cryptic message regarding the long-missing Trader sends Ryan and the Armorer on an odyssey to the Pacific Northwest, away from their base, away from their band of warrior survivalists, away from Krysty Wroth. While Ryan battles the blood-hungry predators of the road, back in New Mexico, Krysty Wroth and the others fight off attacks against their weakened group in an all-out struggle for survival.

In the Deathlands, fate and chance are clashing with frightening force.


Finished Road Wars 03/15/2003
by GuapoPogi
Road Wars was a good change of pace from the earlier books. I was nice to see them out on the road and not just going from mat trans unit to mat trans unit. I didn't much like what Trader had turned into but it was still neat to see him back in the series as a more main character. Although Ryan and J.B. seemed to find themselves in a situation they should have seen coming, their adventure was still entertaining. I loved how the others tricked the religious wackos near the end. Here we also get to see a little more depth in Doc's character, and his relationship with Mildred. Doc's relationship with Judas is also entertaining. I give this one a 9. This is definitely one of the better books up to this point in the series.

Mr. Guapo F. Pogi
One of the better books
by The Phantom
Road Wars is about a journey Ryan and JB take together from Jak's home in New Mexico to a meeting with Trader in Seattle. There are three main perspectives, that of Ryan and JB, the rest of the group remaining at Jak's place, and also with the Trader himself along with Abe.

At Jak's, the group has to deal with some religious crazies attacking them, and one of the things I liked about this part of the book was the further escipades of Doc Tanner and Judas the mule.

The scenes with Abe and Trader showed more of their savage life, and also how Trader seemed to be getting more senile.

The meat of the novel was Ryan and JB's travels in their war wag on a long journey with little gas and a struggle to make ends meet. This part of the story was more like a series of vignettes. They encountered a variety of villes, people both good and bad and found themselves in all kinds of situations.

This is the first book I can remember where no redoubts or mat-trans gateways were involved. I liked this adventure, although it didn't have much of a plot, I thought it was an entertaining book, and the ending leaves you wanting to read on to the next book to continue the story, which really is a two book dualogy with Trader Redux.
by One Eye Chills
This was just yet another great Deathlands novel - but with a great twist due to its differing storyline.
The companions break up for a bit here - which they don't do enough of - making this only that much more interesting in its sheer scope and fast-paced readability.
ROAD WARS read like Mad Max the Laurence James way - chock-full of awesome action adventure where everything including a nuke-scarred weather pattern is stacked against our heroes in their action-paced quest to go find the Trader.
This is definately one of the peaking moments in Laurence Jame's illustrious writing career.
Ryan and JB vs the world!
by ShadowTek
Outstanding yet again!! Ryan and JB go out alone to find the Trader.. there's a really cool part when they meet a crazy guy that has a fake town full of stuffed people.. really cool.. You can see how well and deadly these two are together..

I LOVED this story!! from the mini ville on the edge of a cliff to the final meeting of Trader at the end.. its simply awesome!!