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Salvation Road

Risen from the fire and hurled into the fire...

Andy Boot

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
June, 2002

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Release Date:
March, 2005

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Release Date:
March, 2005

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Beneath the brutal sun of the nuke-ravaged southwest, the Texas desert burns red-hot and merciless, commanding agony and untold riches to those greedy and mad enough to mine the slick black crude that lies beneath the scorched earth. When a Gateway jump puts Ryan and the others deep in the hell of Texas, they have no choice but to work for a rogue baron in order to win their freedom. If they fail... they face death.

In Deathlands, the unimaginable is a way of life.


A Real Disappointment
by Lokheed
It's not that this book had sub-par writing, with bland characterizations and repetitive phrasing (example: "...Greenberg fumbled for his blaster through the mist of pain, but felt his wrist crack and another agony add to that he was already enduring as Jak took his wrist in both hands and cracked it..."). Honestly, when a series has a new book coming out every 3-4 months I just don't expect Shakespeare.

No, this book commits the cardinal sin of being boring. It was a struggle to get through, with very little action to keep the story moving along. Strange, given that this is the action genre. There were no big set pieces, just a half page fight here and a two page fight there. It seemed like the author realized every now and then how boring the story was and decided to toss in a street fight to spice it up. It's just a shame that the fights were boring too.

As for the magic M-4000, the amazing thing is that neither Ryan nor J.B. used it so there was no point to mentioning that either of them had it. That pretty much sums up the entire novel -- there was no point.
# 58 Salvation Road 12/2003
by GuapoPogi
I actually kinda enjoyed this book, but Jak is not a mutie. It was a refreshing break from the Sci-Foolish that we have had to endure for the last 10 books or so. This book also wasn't riddled with the inaccurate technical BS that has been in the the last 10 books or so too. I did find it a bit implausible that the group would wander out into the desert instead of jumping into another redoubt. The character of Crow was good, but the Character of Silas was not very believable. This book did have a couple of problems. It seemed to rush to a lame ending that didn't really wrap up the entire storyline, and there was the issue of both J.B., and Ryan having the M-4000 at the same time. This is another example of GE needing to have these books proofread before sending them to the presses. Oh and Jak is not a mutie. I give it a 7.
For the brain-dead only
by Robey
Simply one of the worst books I've ever read in my life period.

From the vague plotline which never got moving to the almost painfully dull dialog to the mollasses in Janauary pacing, Salvation Road was more like a dead end road on the highway to hell of Deathlands quality.

All the characters were generic, just names. They had no personalities. About the only real sci-fi element in this stinker was the amazing cloning shotgun, so Ryan and JB could use it at the same time.

Only somebody who is so programmed to accept anything as long as it has the Deathlands logo on the cover could find any redeeming qualities to this book.
What a load of.......................
by Nicodemus
This has to be the worst Deathlands book i ever read. I thought the series was starting to get interesting again but...............

They(the authors) should chande things make a character die, make dean grow up change weapond stuff like that.
they should..............
by Nicodemus
The writers have to make things more interesting..........I had to force myself to read the rest of the book after the first 6 chapters. they should add some new characters and tie loose ends. like what happened to trader and abe after shadow fall(or did they just die)
It was a good read, but..
by Jodes
The story wasn't the worst DL out there, but it did lack in a few areas.. Truck stops? Food stores? It just didn't seem to really click with me.. The big faux pas though was in the editing.. how can Ryan have JB's M-4000 at the same time as JB does, when they aren't even near each other?

Hopefully the guy who wrote this one should go and read Breakthrough.. that was a book that flowed!

Boring, unbelievable, hurried
by Dean_Tyler
Not to be too harsh, but this novel was incredibly bad. I'll stay off the topic of the storyline for now and address the glaring mechanical errors in the author's writing.
I mean, honestly. How many times can this man use the same word in a single paragraph? Also, I learned to stay away from sentence fragments when I was a freshman in high school. This author seemed to have a knack for either creating very difficult-to-read lines of text or sentences that ended long before they expressed a real idea. If I were this guy's editor I would have questioned the institution from which he recieved his English degree, assuming he ever obtained one (which I'm seriously doubting).
On to the actual content. Can we get any more generic? Group gets captured, group forced into labor (from which they could easily escape, as the storyline offers no real reason why such an option is impossible), group kills some bad guys with a rushed, James Bond-esque dialogue, and one page to wrap things up.
I apologize for being so critical, but what really got me were the oh so obvious writing errors.
by One Eye Chills
This novel was so bad and off the mark in terms of characterization and storytelling. I cannot believe that this book in this series was published!
Not The Worst
by cathboy
For me the book was basically average. There were some good villians who could have been explored more. The sec chief died too easy. The mix of different groups of workers from the different baronies, was too convoluted.

Personnally I go for the mutations without the high tech of Breakthrough, and the close calls for the companions.

I'd love to see another trully wicked and evil villian such as Court Strassor.
Twin clone guns -or- asleep as the proofreader
by Danni
I found it funny that there were two M4000's how did that happen? did J.B. have another stashed in his hat? or Ryan pull one out of a pocket? the characters lacked emotion that I've come to expect out of the series they were very shallow to the point of being two dimensional! the baron lacked everything outside of trying to be a know it all and yet know nothing. I mean talk about being a stupe; the crew should know that after traveling all over the DL that the best thing would be to NOT go into the desert unless fully prepared and Millie being a doctor would know this! the portrayal of Crow was the best yet even his death was an after thought and rushed at best.
Really Stinks!
by aceontheline
This is without a doubt a gaudy slut. The author needs to be turned over to a band of Stickies. The dialog between the characters is simply awful. I blame the publisher's greed for allowing such garbage to even get into print. Obviously they have sold out and don't care what they print just as long as it sales. Well here's where I get off the war wag. It's been a great run for the most part, but it's obviously over when some novice author is allowed to butcher the fine work of Mr.James.