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Last Post 3/30/2022 10:26 AM by  WarZ
Great to see the site come back !!! Starting the newer deathlands stories.
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3/30/2022 10:26 AM
    I found this site when I read through the entire deathlands series 5-7 years ago. I enjoyed the site, and it's just a joy to see it back. Hopefully folks come back.

    I started listening to the audio series for the new stories from graphic audio this year. I listened to 125, to refresh myself, but when I started 126, it said it happens after 121, so I'm currently working my way through that first before I officially start the new stories.

    I read somewhere that the new stories have a more coherent storyline and I'm really looking forward to see how the companions and world storylines progress, vs the old random one off stories of old.
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