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Quarantine Review
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10/13/2008 9:42 PM

    Quarantine was a pretty good horror movie, all things considered.

    However, I spent a good portion of the movie staring at the floor. No, not because I was scared – it was because of the way it was filmed.
    Just like Cloverfield.
    Hand held camera – for those of you who are like me and prone to motion sickness, I got quite ill about thirty minutes into the movie.
    I even had to leave the theater a couple of times for a few minutes to catch my breath and wait for the wave of nausea to pass.
    Now, if it wasn’t for that, I would have really enjoyed the movie, in a big way. It was very suspenseful and very well done.
    You’re probably wondering how I can review a movie when I couldn’t watch it. Well, I was able to watch it off and on, and I could quite easily listen to what was happening, so that’s how.
    As per usual, I will not give away any spoilers regarding the movie, other than what you can see from the trailers from various sources.
    Ok, the basic plot – a news reporter and her camera man are spending a night with the crew and personnel of one of the many fire departments located in and around Los Angeles.
    One particular call brings them to an apartment building, where there isn’t a fire, but instead people are getting quite ill.
    Before you know it, the reporter, her camera man, and the firemen sent into the building find themselves trapped and unable to leave, as the CDC, police and military have blocked all exits to the building and refuse to allow anyone to leave.
    Soon, more and more people become ill and then the fun begins.
    Yes, if you thought it was a zombie movie from the trailer, you’re not far off the mark. It isn’t a zombie movie, but it does have a great deal of similarities to the genre.
    The last half of the movie is a chaotic dance of running, screaming, blood and pure terror. I have to say that the movie was suspenseful enough to make even a jaded watcher like myself cringe and jump.
    This movie is for adults only. Don’t take a kid or anyone under sixteen to see it. The F-bomb is dropped on a regular basis, and it is very gory at times.
    The characters were very believable and well acted. They’re every day people, like you and I… people trying to do their jobs, and at the same time folks thrown into a situation that is totally unimaginable.
    That alone makes the movie all that much more terrifying.
    Did I like it? Despite the fact that I couldn’t watch more than half of it? Yes. It was quite the thrill ride, especially as the movie came to a close.
    Just don’t bother seeing it if, like me, you get motion sick easily. It’s not worth the cost of entry if you’re going to spend a good portion of the movie staring at your feet or the back of your eyelids.
    It would have been a 3.5 out of 5 if I didn’t get as sick as I did. Because of that, I can only rate it a 2 out of 5.
    If you don’t get motion sick, see it. If you do, skip it and save your stomach.
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