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Last Post 11/3/2008 9:04 AM by  Outlanders
Dead Space review
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10/26/2008 11:21 PM


    Dead Space is a game of pure horror with a distinctive Lovecraft feel to it.
    Set far into the future, it is all about the fate of a massive mining ship, a planet cracker, called the Ishimura, has gone silent.
    Isaac Clarke is an engineer, part of a small team of trouble shooters sent to find out exactly what has happened to the ship, and to render assistance if needed.
    Of course when they arrive in system and find the ship literally dead in space, no running lights, no communication, nothing, they know that something has gone horribly wrong.
    Still, unlike most normal sane people instead of simply cutting and running, they decide to continue with their mission and they end up docking and set foot upon a literal ghost ship.
    There is no sign of the crew anywhere, except for scenes of violence and blood. Within minutes of boarding, two of the five members of the repair team are horribly butchered and the remaining three members are separated.
    Sounds scary? The fun’s only just beginning.
    The game has a grand total of twelve stages, or chapter. I played it on medium level, and it took me typically an hour and a half to beat each stage or chapter, taking into consideration the load time when I was killed attempting to complete each chapter.
    When you first start out you can choose three different levels of play - easy, medium and hard. I always start on the medium level, because it typically isn’t insanely difficult but not a total cake walk.
    To be honest, I did find the medium level to be fairly easy to play. There were a couple of times when I was in a confined area (in which there are MANY on board the Ishimura) and I had to face multiple necromorphs that I was defeated by the sheer numbers. All that meant however a change in strategy was in order to defeat the menace.
    The biggest issue was dealing with a distinct lack of ammunition. There were many times in the heat of an attack that I found I was out of ammo for the most effective weapon I had on me. When that happened, things got quite intense and downright scary.
    Even the bosses (and yes, there are a couple of these large nasty creatures) were not all that difficult to defeat. Just use what you have learned playing the game up to the point where you encounter them and you’ll do just fine.
    Ok, now to the meat of
    lol lover
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    11/1/2008 10:05 PM

    [QUOTE]Outlanders wrote


    Overall this game is very intense. It is something that kids shouldn’t play due to the gore and intense horror. After playing for a few hours I found that I was getting stress headaches because of just how well it was done.



    I like your avatar.  Are you a professional reviewer?



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    11/3/2008 9:04 AM

    No, I just tend to be long winded when it comes to reviews. I hate those 1 sentence reviews, so I go to the opposite extreme. =)

    Yeah, I am a huge fan of the Aliens Franchise, even though the AVP movies were less than spectacular.

    All the best,


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