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Last Post 8/28/2011 6:00 PM by  silentalbino
The Book Of Eli
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7/22/2010 8:38 AM
    Just rented The Book Of Eli . Great film. It's Deathlands,pure and simple. Hey they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
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    8/18/2010 9:21 AM
    My name is Justin,but you can call me BlitzKrieg39 if you like.(I made it one word on purpose).
    I have to say I saw that movie some 3 months back and the first thing I thought with all the Cannies and other DL like elements that it was def borrowing alot from the DeathLands books.
    I agree w/you 150%.
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    1/1/2011 7:39 PM
    The movie is great! Same here thought it was a lot like DL. Better than even the Death Lands movie.
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    1/5/2011 10:10 PM
    I have to agree as well very Death Lands like
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    8/28/2011 6:00 PM

    Watched it a couple off month's back, cracking film with a brilliant twist at the end.


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