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In the aftermath of a brutal apocalypse, a perilous quest for survival

Laurence James

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
November, 1993

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Front Cover - Small
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The popular author of DEATHLANDS brings you an action-packed new postapocalyptic survival series. Earth is laid to waste by a devastating blight that destroys the world's food supply. Returning from a deep-space mission, the crew of the Aquila crash-land in the Nevada desert to find that the world they knew no longer exists. Now they must set out on an odyssey to find surviving family members and the key to future survival.

In this ravaged new world, no one knows who is friend or foe...and their quest will test the limits of endurance and the will to live.

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The Earth is laid waste by a devastating blight that destroys the world's food supply. Mass starvation wipes out millions almost overnight. Society collapses, and those who survive must contend with renegade groups striving for naked power. A new currency comes into existence -- precious food, and the force of arms that helps get it at any cost.


Returning from a deep space mission, the crew of the Aquila crash lands in the Nevada desert and finds that the world they knew no longer exists. Ten months ago they had friends, wives and children. Now they set out on an uncertain odyssey to find the survivors, an odyssey that uncovers a secret trail left by a man called General Zelig.

But in this ravaged new world, no one knows who is friend or foe... and their quest will test the limits of endurance and the will to live.


Earthblood 01/04/2004
by GuapoPogi
Laurence James at his best. This book was a great read from the begining to the end. The characters were good the situation was new and well written. I think this was the best of all the Laurence James books published by Gold Eagle.
Same old same old
by Daniel
I picked this up at used bookstore about a year ago with some older DLs and I finally got around to reading it a couple of months ago.

To me, it was the same-old-same-old formula of people turning to homicidal monsters at the slightest pretext Laurence James ran into the ground with his DL novels.

I thought the set-up with the astronauts returning to Earth showed some orginality but once they got there, it was pretty much the standard old crap from any number of DL novels. The characters were pretty much the same as they were in DL too, only with the names changed.

The situations they encountered were pretty much the same as in DL. They even used the same slang, like "chill" for "kill."

To me this was just phoned-in postholocaust crap. No wonder it didn't become a full series.
Very Good
by cathboy
I was excited to read this series, as I had already started with DeathLands and knew it would be great. This first book I enjoyed, the coming home and the utter confusion of the crew was great.
by One Eye Chills
It's novels such as this that used to make my spine tingle with excitement. Just knowing that the once-awesome writer of the old legendary DEATHLANDS had the time to write a trilogy back then was amazing in and of itself - and it was great!
The spectacular covers themselves made me drool with expected future action/adventure the likes of which the then 34-year-old reader had never seen. It was just more DEATHLANDS-like-type action that pleased this die-hard, hardcore fan to no end. Here we have a new group of survivors - like in DL - that roams the ravaged America in a quest to find their families amongst the anarchy of a massive blight.
In true Laurence James form, we have an awesome read of savage struggles for sheer survival with interesting characters.
I sure wish Gold Eagle would go on a rampage and find the most talented action writers that could give us more of this type of mini-series every once in a while - such as the even somewhat better SURVIVAL 2000. How come this great mini-series is not displayed here?!
They were always a great surprise to me. The Trader years in DEATHLANDS would be a great addition to an already ever-growing action series.
by Ronbo
This is the first time I have read this book. I thought the book kind of started off slow. The pace picked up after the ship landed on earth. I thought that the development of the main people in the book was good and the cliff hanger at the end left me wanting the next book. Luckly I had the next book since I bought the 3 at the same time. I gave it a 9 for the slow pace at the begining.
Nice work
by Smite_Me
I really liked this book. It had a tinge of DL in it but it still managed to pull off it's own. Some things could be better like how you never really learn how some places are really destroyed. Yes there's that worlwide plague but you can't blame the destruction of every city, hamlet, vehicle, and human being on the plague. You see a burnt up body on an airfield, it was the plague. Needs some fixing but very good!
by Poopy_Penguin
Great start to a new trilogy, though the slang was the same as DLs. but the characters were well-designed and it was a great storyline.
Great mini-series
by WV_Paratrooper

I loved the Earthblood series, while the first book did start out a little slow it quickly picked up and had, what I thought, were well developed characters.  While it does smell of Deathlands influence and I personally didn't care for the slang, since the slang had supposedly evolved with Deathlands over decades and decades, I still loved the book and eventually purchased the other two just to find out what happened.  I feel it was more captivating and keeps the reader because the disaster is actually a believable one and it is set so much closer to our time than the Deathlands series.  Highly recommended.  Gave it a nine instead of a 10 because it’s just a tad outdated and i thought that the characters could have chosen a bit better weapons.