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Deep Trek

A harrowing journey in a treacherous new world

Laurence James

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
March, 1994

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Front Cover - Small
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The popular author of the DEATHLANDS series brings you more of the action-packed adventure he is famous for, in DEEP TREK, cat_book 2 of this postapocalyptic survival trilogy. The surviving crew members of the Aquila reunite after harrowing journeys to find family and friends. They are determined to fight and defend their place in what's left of a world gripped by madness.

In this ravaged new world, no one knows who is friend or foe...and their quest will test the limits of endurance and the will to live.

Back Cover:


The lethal plant cancer known as Earthblood had destroyed life on the planet in a matter of months, leaving a barren wilderness road where markers are corpses and the cities are death traps. Into this nightmarish world the crew of the United States space vessel Aquila returned, a world of grim hunger and sudden death.


The surviving crew members reunite after harrowing journeys to find family and friends, determined to fight and defend their place in what's left of a world gripped by madness. Continued rumors of a secret military base in the north give Commander Jim Hilton and his crew new hope. But as they follow the trail left by General Zelig, they find they must cross paths with a paramilitary group prepared to claim the new world for its own.


Deep Trek 01/10/2004
by GuapoPogi
Another great book from LJ, although this also showcased a few of his weekness' such as the character's leaving weapons that could help arm, and protect thier party lying with the enemy dead. They run around with little .22's, and 32's instead of the uzi's and M-16's they could have picked up. I give it a 9.
More Of A Good Thing
by cathboy
I could not wait until this book came out. The first had me going, and I just wanted more. It did not disappoint.
by One Eye Chills
DEEP TREK was even better than book 1! I just loved this trilogy back in the day. Anything new from this wonderful writer was a treat to read. I simply don't know how he found the time to write a trilogy of this good caliber while writing and putting out Deathlands in such close order.
Truly amazing!
I wished he could've found the time to write even more, though he went on to give us the great trilogy of SURVIVAL 2000, in the pen name of James McPhee. In some ways, that latter trilogy was even better. Why is that trilogy not shown here?
Good Read
by Ronbo
With the first book starting out slow I expected this one to do the same, but was surprised. This book seem to move along at a great clip and was very well written. I agree with some of the other reviews that I thought it was annoying that when they have such a hard time finding ammo and such that they leave guns and ammo on the dead. Other thatn that I thought the book was very good.