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Aurora Quest

Battle for the future in a wasteland of despair

Laurence James

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
July, 1994

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Front Cover - Small
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The popular author of DEATHLANDS brings you the gripping conclusion of the Earthblood trilogy with AURORA QUEST. The crew of the U.S. space vessel Aquila returns from a deep-space mission to find that a devastating plant blight has stripped away all civilization.

In what's left of the world, the astronauts grimly cling to a glimmer of promise for a new start.

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The crew of the U.S space vessel Aquila returns from a deep-space mission to find that a devastating plant blight has stripped away all civilization, its legacy a nightmarish wasteland. In what's left of the world, the only law is tooth and claw, kill or be killed.


Traveling through the savaged countryside to wrest from death surviving kin and friends, the astronauts grimly cling to a glimmer of promise for a new start.

Far to the northwest is Aurora, a secret base offering a way out of the decline into darkness. But even as they draw closer to their destination, old faces reappear from the past, and something deadly, something ultimately threatening is unveiled.


# 03 Aurora Quest 01/10/2004
by GuapoPogi
I liked this book but it had a few big problems. Again the group is low on ammo, and they don't bother to pick up the M-16's and other weapons off the people they kill, also the ending was real flat. The book needed another chapter or two to get the story wrapped up properly. The ending reminded me of the rushed ending of Babylon 5's 4 season when they thought there would not be a fifth season. I only give this book a 7.
Left wanting more
by Ronbo
All in all this book was good but not as good as the first 2 in the series. The build up to the final showdown at the end was sort of a let down. I would have liked to have seen a couple of more chapters to wrap up what happened to everybody after they got to Aurora and what Aurora actually was. I would have also liked to have seen a little more devolpment in the villian. How she got the way she was why she was such an evil person. Even with these flaws it wasn't a waste and a good book. I give it an 8.
Left Me Wanting Much More
by cathboy
I gave this book a ten, not so much that it was better than the first two, but because the series ends here and i wanted this one to go on. I was just getting into it, and now it's over. WOW, what a great read though.
by One Eye Chills
Now of course I have read everything this once-great author has written in terms of his two trilogy's - EARTHBLOOD and SURVIVAL 2000 - and in my humble estimation, both endings of these mini-series left me feeling somewhat flat.
Overall, they are great action/adventure mini-series and I loved them all, but the ending in EARTHBLOOD left unanswered questions.
There was the huge build-up of General Zelig and the secret base known as Aurora, which never came to fruition.
But just the same, Laurence James on many levels was still a master storyteller in terms of sheer excitement and action. Despite their sort of weak endings, these novels still grace my bookshelves and I will read them all again someday. The covers of all three EARTHBLOOD books are still some of Michael Herrings' all-time best though. He is just about perfect in always giving us readers a visual of the overall feeling for the novels.
It's action/adventure novels such as this that make me miss the real James Axler - aka Laurence James - every day. No one wrote quite like this man in his heyday.