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Satan's Seed

Time trawled SS troopers place their bid to claim earth...

Mark Ellis

Cover Artist:
Cliff Nielsen

First Edition

Release Date:
August, 2007

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Release Date:
September, 2007

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Release Date:
September, 2007

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Temporal Delusion

As humanity emerged from the rubble of nuclear war, so did history's darkest secrets, deliberately concealed beneath a cunning web of lies, half-truths and contrivance. Now, as alien overlords ready their blueprint for absolute control over planet Earth, daring rebels fight back against grim odds and an enemy of superlative power whose only failing may be their inability to grasp mankind's fierce will to survive.

Conduit of Madness

The Cerberus warriors must endure the most frightening tests of their ingenuity when they discover secrets linking alien technology, Nazi time-travel experiments and a260-year-old nightmare time-trawled in a new quest for power. The Pacific is swarming with SS troopers led by a dangerous woman and her strange adviser whose capacity for evil is rooted in the dark energy of the occult...


A slightly different take
by Daniel

Satan's Seed is a slightly different take on what could be called a &quot;standard&quot; Outlanders novel, partly because of placing real-life Satanist Aliestar Crowley front and center as the villain.

Mark Ellis maintains a good pace, bulding suspense as the Cerberus crew struggles against a invasion from the past on Thunder Isle.&nbsp;

The story mixes Nazis mysticism&nbsp;with bizarre time-travel experiments&nbsp;and&nbsp;carnosaur attacks.&nbsp;There is also time for humor, mainly the interaction between the characters.

I enjoyed seeing Brewster Philboyd teamed up with ex-Magistrate Edwards and the samurai, Nakai.

Like most books by Mark Ellis, plot has enough twists to keep the&nbsp;reader interested all the way through.

It features Brigid and the rest of the crew using a combination of brains, bullets and tactics to deal with the threat posed by the Brotherhood of the Black Sun troopers.

An exciting read all the way around.

All to the good!
by Cerberus Man
On the one hand, Satan's Seed is classic Outlanders as created and written by Mark Ellis, but on the other hand, it's rather strange.

But that's all to the good.

Like a lot of OL novels by Mark Ellis, the book starts with a prologue in the past, this time shortly after WWII with black magician Aliestar Crowley hooking up with a nasty, beautiful Countess who runs an offshoot of the SS called the Brotherhood of the Black Sun.

They conduct an experiment combining magic and Archon tech to open a rift in through a major Parallax Point (longtime OL readers know what I mean) and come through 100 years in the future, to a time where they think Nazis and Archons have teamed up to make a perfect totalitarian world.

This is all the in prologue!

Unfortunately, Crowley, the Countess, and the Brotherhood of the Black Sun troopers overshoot their temporal goal by over a century and end up on Thunder Isle where they contend with the Tigers of Heaven, a matched set of Daspletosaurus (the Monstrodamii) and of course the Cerberus crew.

What's interesting about Satan's Seed is that after an opening section with the Cerberus crew teaming up with Russian D-12 troopers to stop a Millennial Consortium operation in Slovakia, they are seperated.

Grant ends up stranded in the middle of Thunder Isle with Philboyd and Edwards, a member of CAT-Alpha. Kane and Brigid help defend the Cube (Redoubt Yankee) from assaults by the Brotherhood of the Black Sun.

In between all of that is some pretty funny dialogue and situations as well as the introduction of a couple of new characters who I hope become recurring characters--

Tshaya, a little deaf-dumb-and- blind Gypsy girl who can manipulate the power of the Parallax Points and former USAF Lt. Colonel Sela Sinclair, who is in charge of Redoubt Yankee security.

There's a scene I enjoyed when Brigid mentions a way to deal with the Brotherhood soldiers and Sinclair asks: &quot;How is a librarian qualified to talk about tactics?&quot;

Kane tells her: &quot;This librarian has been instrumental in saving the world at least four times. That's four more times than you or any other pistol-packing freezie with an attitude, so that qualifies her as far as I'm concerned.&quot;

I couldn't help but think this was a comment about Milan's Team Phoney and his fake BS to make them seem like they were so much more bad than the Cerberus crew in his fill-in books.

Satan's Seed is very entertaining, even if it is a little different than the last few OL novels by Mark Ellis.

There is a great deal of varied types of action, interesting characters and of course, fascinating material about history and mythology, particularly with the Nazi belief in the so-called Black Sun.

There's even sex, so people who read these series for voyeuristic thrills should be pleased.

I give Satan's Seed a ten out of ten stars.
Those Dang Nazis
by Lokheed

After the pyrotechnics of Skull Throne, Outlanders comes roaring back with a smaller and more personal story.&nbsp; A group of nazi soldiers led by a sadistic German countess (clearly inspired by Ilsa the She Wolf) are transported from the aftermath of WWII to Thunder Isle, where they stage an assault on Redoubt Yankee.&nbsp; Tossed into the mix is a showdown with the Millenial Consorium in Russia, plus a healthy dose of Monstrodamii.

The scope of the story is smaller than your standard Outlanders novel, but that is by no means a detriment.&nbsp; Instead it allows for more character moments and particularly allows for some of the second tier characters like Philboyd and Sinclair to shine.&nbsp; As is usual with this series, the action set pieces are top-notch excersises in high adventure.&nbsp; The pacing is excellent, and the climax is a classic OL one-percenter.&nbsp; I am always impressed by Mark Ellis' ability to take existing plotlines and characters and to tease something new and unexpected from them.&nbsp; While not the very best the series has to offer, Satan's Seed is definitely a must-read.

Awesome Blend of Quirky History and Non-Stop Action
by migca

Once again, Mr. Ellis dips into his apparently bottomless magic bag. It's full of rich mythic narrative and/or factual historical oddities. He excels at evolving the mythos that is usually attached to the latter events, and brewing all this into a first-rate story.
In "Satan's Seed," we can forget for a time that re-born Annunaki Over-Lords threaten the future world and the lives of the Cerberus exiles. Very suddenly, they must deal with a threat from the past. Evidence found in remote eastern European mountains, quickly becomes a deadly threat to a Cerberus satellite facility at the edge of the Pacific ocean.
The blend of Nazi tech, WWII-era occult figures, and the magical practices that link them, might have easily descended into a goofy farce. But in the hands of Mark Ellis, it becomes an intelligent, fast-paced read, laced with trademark action. He controls the humor in characters that might have been laughable mostly by never letting you forget the blood spilled and the lingering fear instilled by the raving insanity of true believers.
Initially, I thought this story could have handled another fifty pages without dragging, and that it was hurt by how quickly it ended. After a few days, as I thought about it, the author grew wiser, and it seemed he probably got all that particular story had in it. "Outlanders" is becoming quite the weighty edifice. It must have been nice to rip through a story without checking to see if Kane still had a carbuncle on his left temple or which of Lakesh's knees was getting gimpy again.
In all, just a notch below the writer's best. As always, the blend of fiction and action with nuggets of human history and myth, creates its own genre--somewhere way beyond B-grade action thrillers--in its own slot between science and historical fiction. A worthy addition to "Outlanders."

Return to Thunder Isle!
by The Phantom
This book blends several cool things together in one story, making it a very enjoyable adventure. Time traveling Nazi's, Mr. Crowley, dinosaurs, samurai warriors,and the cast of Cerberus heroes are thrown together in a action packed adventure thriller taking place mostly on Thunder Isle.
The book begins in the mountains of Slovakia, but it takes a shift to one of my favorite locations in the Outlanders world, Thunder Isle. Danger and action and battles abound as Kane and his group are spread out in different areas, each having their own great scenes, as well as the group as a whole. My favorite had to be Grant's perspective, I really like the focus he was given on the island. What I really thought the author did a great job with throughout the story was the injection of a lot of humor, which I thought was the most well done in this book than in any of the other titles up to this point.
Another terrific installment that readers should not miss in this series, it's too bad that the overall story arc of the series comes to somewhat of an end with the next book. Satan's Seed is top-of-the-line sci-fi adventure!