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The Miskatonic Project

H.P. Lovecraft's The Whisperer in the Darkness

Mark Ellis

First Edition

Release Date:
October, 2008

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Cthulhu Calls!
by DanielJ.

I finished reading The Miskatonic Project: The Whisperer in Darkness graphic novel and it's just as awesome as Mark's prose work.

This is a great package, not just an oversized comic book. There are interesting text pieces from the foreword by a noted Lovecraftian scholar to an illustrated chronology of the Great Old Ones and an entertaining interview with Don Heck.

The artwork by Darryl Banks, Daryl Hutchinson and Don Heck is great--beautiful in places. It is very moody and atmospheric throughout.

The premise is that a small group of investigators work out of the Special Documents wing (where the Necronomicon is held) of Miskatonic University in Arkham, Massachusetts.

I enjoyed the interaction between the main characters--Lord Justin Sabbath, Professor Augustus Grant and Fleur Averoigne. Sabbath has been driven half crazy by an earlier encounter with the Old Ones...he's violent and full of rage.

I particularly liked the scene when he &#160;jumps all over Fleur when he thinks she doesn't use her psychic powers enough and Grant intervenes--like his namesake in Outlanders he acts like a calming influence between the two, even though the Miskatonic Project's&#160;Grant has a harder edge to him.

This book is classic Mark Ellis, even if you're not a Lovecraft fan--heroes, monsters and shootouts and a repulsive villain. I used to play the Call of Cthulhu RPG and this book is a great supplement to the game.

I think the Miskatonic Project would make a great movie or TV series, along the lines of Torchwood.

But at least there's another Miskatonic Project graphic novel in the works, The Bride of Dagon.