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Outer Darkness

The Lost Earth Saga - Book 3

Pigrimage from America's wastelands to the dangerous frontiers of reality

Mark Ellis

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
September, 1999

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Audio Cassette

Release Date:
July, 2000

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
October, 2007

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Release Date:
October, 2007

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Front Cover - Small
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Kane and his companions are transported to an alternate reality where the global conflagration didn't happen -- and humanity had expelled the Archons from the planet. Things are not as rosy as they may seem, as the Archons return for a final confrontation...

Book #3 in the new Lost Earth Saga, a trilogy that chronicles our heroes' paths through three very different alternate realities...where the struggle against the evil Archons goes on...

Back Cover:


His new world born out of the fire and ashes of a nuclear exchange, a rogue warrior searches for ways to undo the past. With brother-in-arms Grant and the archivist Brigid Baptist, he dares to seek out the secrets of time....

Kane and his fellow exiles are thrown into a reality where the nukecaust didn't happen - instead, the inhabitants had driven the enemy from the planet. But now the dark forces are back for a final confrontation in a war that may bring the ultimate freedom or final destruction.


Captain James T....Kane?!?!
by Robey
As a fan of all things space opera, I was pleasantly surprised by the alternate world visited in this book--and the fact that it seemed so authentic. I can easily imagine the author writing Star Trek and Star Wars novels. "Outer Darkness" is one of the best novels in the series, very entertaining and enjoyable all the way through.

This was a surprising and excellent ending to the Lost Earth Saga particularly the epilogue.
Outer space!
by The Phantom
This final volume in the Lost Earth saga deals with the third parallel casement to once again deal with the entity known as Thrush. Unlike the first two books which took place on Earth, in less than desirable world conditions, the casement in Outer Darkness takes place in space, where humanity had taken a much more positive direction in history, and Kane is in a position of command of a space ship. This is an entertaining and very different side trip for this series, almost like a star trek episode, with Grant, Domi, Brigid, and other parallel casement people from the Cererus redoubt as the crew aboard the spaceship. My only knock on this story was it was a little too much like a star trek setting, and I thought the book lagged a bit in the middle, at least as far as pacing was concerned. But what a interesting and enjoyable look at a possible future mankind could experience if "reaching for the stars instead of the slag heap".

The opening six chapters was really the part of the novel I enjoyed the most, the part where they fix the War Wag for the Indians, and the battle with the mags sent after them. And the ending has a great fight between Domi and Beth-Li. Overall a very fun and fascinating trilogy for this series, I enjoyed it very much.
Perfect way to end the trilogy
by Outlanders
Well Mark, you did it again. At the beginning of the Trilogy I had a hard time following it. I didn't really understand the reason behind going to the alternate earths. But at the end of Outer Darkness, everything made Perfect Sense! It was to date, the best you have written. The way things are going, it won't be long before Outlanders begins to out sell Deathlands! The character interaction, as always, was superb. The story flowed beautifully. There were some interesting Star Trek references! I'm embarrased to admit that most had to be pointed out to me! Ah well. Keep up the good work as always! A fan till the end.
by One Eye Chills
Mark Ellis ends this Lost Earth Trilogy with a bang. This trilogy was a joy to read, and a work of epic proportions.
How he ties everything so well together is truly worthy of Best Sci-Fi Writer status. How these novels and series are not constantly on the Best Seller list is just beyond me.

If hollywood would take notice, it would be one of the smartest moves they'd ever make. It has everything and more that Hollywood could dream of - with endless sequels at their hands!