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Armageddon Axis

A dark menace returns to seize what remains of America's wastelands

Mark Ellis

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
December, 1999

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Audio Cassette

Release Date:
September, 2000

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
November, 2007

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Release Date:
November, 2007

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Full Wraparound Cover Front Cover - Small
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What was supposed to be the seat of power after the nuclear holocaust, a vast installation inside Mount Rushmore -- is a new power base of destruction. Kane and his fellow exiles venture to the hot spot, where they face an old enemy conspiring to start the second wave of Armageddon.

Back Cover:


Though the detestation of the nukecaust has long passed, the unseen force that rules the earth's grim destiny watches over the polarized world of garrisoned cities and lawless Outlands. Once an enforcer of the New Order, Kane is a renegade who has uncovered humanity's dark secrets. Operating from the hellzones of the new America, his quest to stop the conspiracy ensnaring mankind endures...


What was supposed to be the seat of power after the nuclear holocaust, the Anthill, a vast installation inside Mount Rushmore, is still a rich source of technological marvels -- and a new power base of destruction. Suspecting a trap, Kane and his fellow exiles venture to this hot spot via mat-trans to face an army of bioengineered monstrosities, a secret weapon and an old enemy conspiring to jump-start the second wave of Armageddon.

In the Outlands, the battle to reclaim the future has begun.


Definately one of the best!!
by Robey
Like all of the books in this series, Armageddon Axis is a terrific action story. I'm particularly fond of this one since it featured the return of Sindri, the evil dwarf from the first Outlanders I read, Parallax Red. It looks like Sindri is being set up as a recurring adversary for Kane, like Dr. Loveless is with Jim West. The plot in this one is compelling with new insights into the characters. Not only that, but the book ties in with one of the best Deathlands novels of the last few years, Stoneface. So much happens in this book it's best if everybody reads it for themselves. You won't be sorry
Ellis at his best!
by The Phantom
This is a brilliant masterpiece of science fiction adventure. I stayed up till four in the morning to finish this entertaining book, this story had me glued to the pages until the last word of the last chapter. I rate Armageddon Axis up there with my favorite titles in the series, Exile To Hell and Doomstar Relic.

The adventure starts outside the New Mexico redoubt, with Kane and friends discovering an Aurora craft, which is the smaller version of what they get to fly in later in the story. After wreaking havoc on the intallation there, they return to base to discover a request for help from their old "friend" Sindri. You need to read Parallax Red first to fully understand the background to this character. I found the return of Sindri to be a surprise, and I was delighted at the way Mark weaved his role into this story, I thought he was a more entertaining character than his first appearance. The whole scene with the Aurora jet was thrilling, I thought this book would make a great movie, the cinematic scenes involving both auroras would just be awesome!

I also enjoyed the perspective of Abrams in the administation Monolith. Some very interesting developments going on there, I liked the Kearney character, he was written very well, a character I hope to see more of in future titles. And this book has much, much more, Mark Ellis is simply the best writer in a talented group of GE writers. My socks have been knocked off once again!
Armageddon Axis
It's a little late for me to be writing a review on this book, this title came out in August 2000 and it is now Feburary 2001. But I had to, for this is one of my favorite fiction books. In other cat_reviews I wrote that each Outlander book gets even better than the last, that may be true, but if I had to pick my favorite, it would be Armageddon Axis.I like this book very much because I identify with the characters, It wasnt a quick read, I really felt what the characters were going through. I know this is fiction, but when I read this book, Im always filled with Nostalgia because I have firsthand similar experiences with what Lakesh, Brigid, and Dian went through. Anyone who has ever been in a perfect loving relationship that was meant to be and would have lasted but didnt due to the surroundings will relate to this book.And besides that, it is action-filled and also the locations it takes place in are hauntingly chilling. Being in an extremly large and vast complex where everything has been run down and the only inhabitants are the people that had cyborg implants to survive 200 years and are insane, and walking down the corridors you feel as if someone is watching you... This novel was very good. And also it has a touch of humor in some places that adds to the excitment.This is one the best books I have ever read and continues to be. For when I have nothing to read, I'll pick this book out and read it again. And it always has the same impact of when I first read it. I never grow tired of it.Definately a must!!!
Let the Rebellion Begin!
by Outlanders
It never ceases to Amaze me how book after book you are able to grab my attention and keep it from start to finish.

I am very impressed at how the whole feel of the series has changed, and the fact that the Outlander people are now starting to stage open rebellion against the hybrid barons.

It was also great to see what life was like in the anthill complex just after the war, and a peek into Lakesh's past. A few pages revealed a great deal about the man and his motives.

Keep up the excellent work!
by One Eye Chills
This pivitol point in the series takes us once again into high adventure and action the likes of which only Mark Ellis can deliver.

Chock full of conspiracy's that will make your head spin, along with a futuristic jet that a dwarf can handle, this novel once again proves that Outlanders shows no hints of slowing down nor running out of steam anytime soon.