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Sargasso Plunder

In post-apocalyptic America, the past holds the secrets to a future salvaged... or doomed

Mel Odom

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
August, 2001

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December, 2004

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December, 2004

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December, 2004

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December, 2004

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December, 2004

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Full Wraparound Cover Front Cover - Small
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An enforcer turned renegade, Kane and his group learn of a mother lode of tech hidden deep within the ocean of the western territories, a place once known as Seattle. The booty is luring tech traders and gangs, but Kane and Grant dare to infiltrate the salvage operation, knowing that getting in is a life-and-death risk....

In the Outlands, the shocking truth is humanity's last hope.

Back Cover:

Torn Asunder

The brutal struggle for power in post-nuclear America continues for the nine barons who rule the new world order. These emissaries of a long lost race are facing extinction from within their own ranks, and from the rebel forces fighting to reclaim earth and expose the horrifying truth of mankind’s heritage.

Atlantis Resurrected

Computer programs from the world before the Skydark are being salvaged and use to power the cities and villes of the twenty second century. An enforcer turned renegade, Kane and his group learn of a mother load of tech hidden deep within the ocean of the western territories, a place once known as Seattle. The booty is luring tech traders and gangs and an army of sec men prepared to do the barons bidding. Kane and Grant dare to infiltrate the salvage operation, knowing that getting in is a life and death risk.

In the outlands, the shocking truth is humanities last hope.


I didn't think it was possible--
by Robey
--but this book both sucks AND blows.

It would have been barely acceptable as a Deathlands novel which in my opinion it was originally intended to be. When you run across Kane yelling "Fireblast" you know something is seriously amiss.

I don't know what the problem was with Mel Odom when he hacked this thing out, particularly after his great Wreath of Fire and the several excellent novels he contributed to the DL series. Like I said, I suspect Sargasso "Blunder" was a rewritten DL manuscript, one he started but never finished.

All of the characters who had been carefully crafted over the past 17 books suddenly became shallow cardboard cutouts. His misunderstanding of their personalities and relationships was so bad I wondered if he had ever read an Outlanders book before much less written any!

Also, there was no continuity at all between what had happened during the Imperator War and this book, even though there was a reference to it. I think this book is best forgotten and not be considered part of the canon, sort of like DL Encounter.It's an "Imaginary Story" taking place on a parallel casement.

Ugg.. What A pile!
by Jodes
I can't believe I was anxiously Awaiting this book when it first came out (like I do all DL and OL) but I must say, after I started reading this book it was very easy to put down! Actually it is the only Outlanders title that I have not completely read. It was horrid! There are even some DL that are better written! I would rather read about JB's and Ryan's "Twin M-4000's" (If you read Salvation you'll know what I am talking about!) then this pile of garbage.

I am so glad that Mark wasn't responsible for this.. He must have been on hoidays or something that month! lol
Weakest book so far, but not a disaster either
by The Phantom
I really enjoyed how this book started out. Good action scenes, interesting characters, and a developing plotline kept me interested in the story, and lots of adventure is to be had through the whole novel.
This being a book from a fill-in writer, I wasn't going to be expecting the usual amount of continuity that is a strong trait in this series, nor was I going to be too critical of certain mild inaccuracies in the main core of characters. This being said, I thought this book was overall an entertaining novel, but there were other problems that kept this book from being potentialy much better.

The plot developments were rather complex, a variety of groups, all with their own agendas, were weaved into this story a little too confusing. Kane and Grant hook up with Remar, who is in league with Falzone, the guy they are ultimately trying to hook up with. His name turned to Falcone for a chapter or two, then went back to Falzone again. Bry is doing something mysterious, and Brigid spies on him, while Domi spies on Brigid. Lakesh seems to have something up his sleeve, Brigid and Domi hook up and they hook up with a guy named Wimmer, who then hooks them up with Mac Olney, who is from another group called the Heimdal Foundation. Meanwhile there is Mallet, the leader of the Cobaltville mags who is after Falzone, who he suspects has doublecrossed Cobaltville. Mallet hooks up with yet another group called the Wiy Tukay worshipers, and then there is the Chinese Tong involved, and various allegiences ensues, and all over some computer tech Falzone is salvaging underwater in what used to be Seattle. Aargh!
In general, I thought this book was also a little too long-winded, but at least the ending was suspenseful and the author I thought did a great job with the Mallet character, he was a really nasty bad guy, and was one of the strong parts of the novel. Also I liked the scenes with Domi and Brigid after her snakebite. I will be generous and give this book a 7 out of 10.
Sargasso Blunder is more like it
by Outlanders
Sargasso Plunder is more apt to be known as Sargasso Blunder.

Everything was off with the book.

Lets start with the redoubt exiles themselves. First, there never has been an exile named Collins. Ever. I have no idea where this unknown person came from. Secondly, what security teams? The only security that Cerberus has ever had have been Kane and Grant. Third, who was that un-known person in a white coverall that came to inform Lakesh in one scene?

Anyone who has read the series, for more than a couple of novels, know who the exiles are.

Now, about Domi. In this book, Domi wasn't Domi, she was Jak Lauren in drag. Throughout the novels, it has become quite clear that the only time she talks in a clipped manner, is during times of exceptional stress. It's not all the time. She was doing that throughout the entire book. Secondly, she doesn't carry a .357. That's Jak Lauren's weapon of choice.

Again, anyone who has read the series would know this.

Third, the characterization was totally off. Yes, the exiles disagree on a number of subjects, but the underlying FRIENDSHIP has always been there. In this book, everyone was suspicious of one another, especially between Domi and Brigid. That was just plain wrong. They're friends. Brigid would never wonder if Domi had ulterior motives in saving her.

While I'm on the topic of Brigid, she isn't Krysty Wroth from Deathlands. She's never expressed any interest in finding a better life and eventually leaving the redoubt, the way that she threatened to do at the end of the novel.

Yes, the relationship between Brigid and Kane is strained, but not to the point where they're going to snipe at one another at her bedside.

Now, for the novel itself.

First, It read like a Deathlands novel. The series has split so far away from Deathlands they can't be compared any more, and most of the readers don't want to see a Deathlands style novel written in Outlanders.

Secondly, at the end of Purgatory Road, Cobaltville was under attack from combined forces. There is no way that Cobalt would have the manpower to mount a hunt for a software trader. Hell the way the novel was going, I doubt that Cobalt is even in charge of Cobaltville any longer.

This novel was an exceptional letdown, especially after how well written Wreath of Fire was.

For the rating, if this was a Deathlands novel, it would have been clearly a five out of five. But Outlanders is NOT Deathlands, and it's clear that all ties to the series are being cut with each novel that comes out. So it deserves the rating I am giving it
by One Eye Chills
I personally like Mel Odom's past works, in both series. But he did miss the mark here, just a bit.

This was still a fun and exciting read, nevertheless, just not up to par to Ellis's excellence.

Damn the torpedos, Mel! Come back and write better than ever! Need you in Deathlands.
Overall A Good Read.
by quicksilver7
I feel pretty much the way Phantom feels. So I won't repeat.

I do believe in Lakesh's monkey wrench wreaking havoc capability.
As a result the tension between team members is believable.

The real disapointment is the lack of addressing the salvaged progs. Overall fantastic entertainment though.