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Tomb of Time

The savage bid to free an enslaved new world continues....

Mark Ellis

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
November, 2001

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January, 2005

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January, 2005

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Now a relic of a lost civilization, the ruins of Chicago hold a cryptic mystery for Kane. In the subterranean annexes of the hidden predark military installations deep beneath the city, a cult of faceless shadow figures wields terror in submission to an unseen, maniacal god. He has lured his old enemies into a battle once again for the final and deadliest confrontation.

In the Outlands, the shocking truth is humanity's last hope.

Back Cover:

Virulent Destiny

Eight Generations after the atomic mega-cull, a shattered world still struggles to heal itself. The iron-fisted rule of the nine baronies is compromised by an intrepid group of warriors who have uncovered secrets as dark as they are damning. For nothing in the history of humankind is what it seems. Reality is obscured by the grim impermanence of power...and deceit. All that remains is the human spirit's enduring will to survive.

Tenuous Salvation

Now, a relic of a lost civilization, the ruins of Chicago hold a cryptic mystery for Kane, a secret message born of the fiery battle to rule the new earth. In the Subterranean annexes of the hidden pre-dark military installations deep beneath the city - living tombs haunted by the ghosts of a hopeless, despairing age - a bizarre cult of faceless shadow figures wield terror in submission to an unseen, maniacal God, who has lured his old enemies into a battle once again for the final and deadliest confrontation.


The Best of the Best
by Lokheed
This book a textbook example of how an author can transcend the genre and keep you on the edge of your seat with an finely tuned action/adventure machine that fires on all cylinders. Fast paced action, major character development, new mysteries revealed... I have loved Mark's work with this series from day one, and books like this one are why.
In a word... cool!
by The Phantom
This book is one of those stories that had me totally absorbed in the action where pages fly by when it seems only one has been read. Once again Mark Ellis has written not only an entertaining adventure, but mentaly stimulating sci-fi themes woven into a pulp adventure novel. The return of one of Kane's notorious opponents, Sindri, makes this book have a special magic seen in his earlier appearances in Parallax Red, and Armageddon Axis.

After a thrilling beginning in the ruins of what used to be Chicago, the novel takes a turn with the return of the little Sindri, and it was amusing to see what the power-mad pest was up to this time. Again, as before, this book brings the reader another glimpse into the strange technology found in this land and the awesome power of its capabilities. And Sindri is right in the thick of things.

The secrets of Thunder Isle are revealed, and Kane and his friends must contend with some frightening foes in the final pages of the story. And the fate of Sindri? One can only guess...
Overall Tomb of Time is among the upper levels of the great books in this series. There is much yet to discover, there is so much potential around the corner in this series, and this book really wets the appetite for more great reading!
Back Onrack
OL's back to its interesting stories, larger than life characters and science fiction atmosphere. When I first picked this book up I was hesitant, afraid it would have been like the last one, but alas, my fears were for nothing. For the people that tried Deathlands and didn't like it, they have yet to try OL, which they will surely enjoy. The charismatic characters, the explosive plot, and everyone's favorite villain is back for the third time with yet another power-crazed idea. The author of this series sure knows his science, he puts the Sci in Sci Fi at the same time educating as he entertains. Not many authors have that quality. I've browsed around Gold Eagle books before and if they were smart, they would roll a carpet out for this guy when he drops his work off at the editing house and send him some champagne for Christmas because he's the best they got.I give this book a 10, this series gets a 10 also, this is the best fiction I read, actually, its the only fiction I read.
Tomb of Time
by BJM
The latest Outlanders offering by Mark Ellis has as usual been an action packed roller coaster ride from the opening sentence to the very last sentence. The return of one of my favorite Outlanders villians made this excellent novel that much more enjoyable. Coming on the heels of Sargasso Plunder, which did not pack the same kind of punch that Tomb of Time did, had this novel returning the loyal reader to the Outlanders universe that we left behind at the close of Purgatory Road. The mystery of thunder island and the question of who or what saved Domi from what would have been certain death is answered here. But as always and in true outlanders fashion more questions were raised in this novel then were answered. My hat goes off to Mr. Ellis who has done it again, proving again why Outlanders is far above your average Sci-fi action series. Anyone who loves the Outlanders series will not be disappointed by this novel.
An explination, and yet more un-answered questions
by Outlanders
As usual, the author was able to spin science and mythology into a seamless plotline worthy of the Outlander series.
The Cerberus warriors were sent to Chicago to investigate the use of a redoubt located there, and while there they encounter a very strange cult lead by an old woman who claims that she's a 'fury' from Greek mythology who are there to dole out punishment for sins committed by man or woman.

It turns out that the Furies were brought to the Outlands by a small laughing god. And anyone who has followed the series from the earliest novels will be able to figure out who that is.

The novel also reveals who was responsible for saving Domi's life, as described in Purgatory road, although the reasons for the act remain vague, and of course, the reader wanting more.

A new character has been introduced as well, a man named Oakshott. Anyone familiar with English history from the late 1800's early 1900's will quickly realize who he is, thus explaining another myth that has eluded the authorities for many decades.

Thunder Isle, introduced in Tigers of Heaven is explored more fully as well, and the Samurai warrior Shizuka is brought back into the series as well. There is a whole new world of possibilities opened up by the return to this island and hopefully they will be fully explored in upcoming novels.

The only complaint I have, and it's a small one, is the fact that the novel ended too abruptly. Too many possibilities were not explored, but can quite easily be touched on in future novels.
Tomb of Time reads timeless!
by One Eye Chills
This is a wonderful novel. I love especially the beginning whith Kane among the ruins.

The concept of Sindri throwing Kane and company into the mists of time would have been awesome to read. But alas, it didn't happen to my chagrin. I think that would have been much better to read.

But this is still a great one.