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Destiny Run

A journey into night, in a world no longer their own...

Mark Ellis

Cover Artist:
Michael Herring

First Edition

Release Date:
September, 1997

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Audio Cassette

Release Date:
May, 1999

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Graphic Audio MP3 CD

Release Date:
July, 2006

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Release Date:
July, 2006

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Trained by the ruling elite of post-holocaust America as a pureheart warrior, Kane is an enemy of the order he once served. He knows of his father's fate, he's seen firsthand the penalties, and yet a deep-rooted instinct drives him on to search for the truth. An exile to the hellzones, an outcast, Kane is the focus of a deadly hunt. But with brother-in-arms Grant, and Brigid Baptiste, keeper of the archives, he's sworn to light the dark past...and the world's fate. New clues hint that a terrifying piece of the puzzle is buried in the heart of Asia, where a descendant of the Great Khan wields awesome powers....

The author, James Axler, 04/19/97:(posted to

Humanity's destiny or damnation in the Black Gobi.

In Outlanders # 2, "Destiny Run", Kane is now an enemy of the order he once served. He's seen firsthand the penalties of knowing too many secrets, yet instinct drives him on to search for the truth of humanity's fate. New clues hint that a terrifying piece of the puzzle is buried in the heart of Asia, where a descendant of the Great Khan revives the Golden Horde, with an awesome and world shattering technology at his command.This novel combines high, exotic adventure with the kind of blazing action Deathlands fans expect. Also, the wraparound cover is absolutely gorgeous!

Back Cover:


Two centuries after the nuclear holocaust, fortified villes loom in the wastelands, imposing a menacing rule that's shaping the future.


As a warrior, Kane served the lords of the villes, but on a punitive expedition he'd caught a forbidden glimpse of the future that made him an outcast. In exile with him are Brigid Baptiste, golden keeper of the archives, and Grant, an only friend in a hostile land. Together they've sworn to uncover the secrets of the world's written in its dark past.

New clues hint that a terrifying piece of the puzzle is buried in the heart of Asia, where a descendant of the Great Khan wields awesome powers.

Coming to grips with the shocking truth behind the new reality...


Finding its way
by Robey
Destiny Run is the second book in the Outlanders series and it was still finding its way, since the first novel was like a prologue for the series yet to come.

It's still a gripping story with like almost all Outlanders books, very exotic locales. I particularly liked the sequences in Russia although the scenes in Mongolia were colorful as well.

The high points in this novel was first learning about the possibility of past lives shared between Kane and Brigid during a mat-trans jump gone bad and the introduction of District Twelve, Russia's postnuke version of both the KGB and the X-Files.

The backstory about Kharo-Khoto, the Black City of Genghis Khan was great too.

This is also the novel, for those of you who came in late and wonder about it, where Brigid was exposed to the radiation which made her barren.
Another good book
by The Phantom
The second Outlanders novel takes Kane and his friends to Russia, and then to the desert of Mongolia.

They quest to further find the truth behind the mysteries they are cought up in, more of the complex backround of this imaginative world is revealed, setting up more interesting stuff in the outlands universe. An excellent novel, not quite as good as the first, but very entertaining, and leaves you hungry for more.
Great stuff.
One of the earliest but one of my favorites!
by Cerberus Man
Destiny Run is the second book in the classic Outlanders series and it's easy to see by this one why the series has been so popular.

The adventures of our Cerberus warriors kick off in a big way, establishing all the elements which became hallmarks of the series...adventure in foreign, exotic lands, great villains, terrific action and a mysterious, deadly force that kills in the night.

Destiny Run jumps from Russia to Mongolia, to an ancient city in the Black Gobi, ruled by the mad Tushe Gun--who, like the best of Outlanders villains, is not quite what he seems to be.

This is a great pulp adventure and would make a great movie!
by One Eye Chills
OUTLANDERS # 2 was even better than it's predecessor. How can you not love a book that catapults you instantly into danger on an enemy landscape, leaving you wondering why Brigid Baptiste is bound upon an upraised cross of some type? You just can't help but be immersed in this fantastic adventure that engulfs aliens and Mongol warriors.
It's Mark Ellis's awesome tales of high adventure. It just does not get any better than this, or does it?
by Poopy_Penguin
This is the first OL book I've read, and even in the first few chapters it had more substance then any of the deathlands books that have came out in the past few months, maybe even years. good book, I highly reccomend it.