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Wordsmith-reprisereplied to: RE: Deathlands #91 - Blood Harvest

Chuck might check with Victoria to ask if it's okay to pass the DL Bible around and have it uploaded to the Web for all to see. It is GE property, aft...

1 week ago

Ron Milesreplied to: RE: Deathlands #91 - Blood Harvest

Your humble site overlord would not say no to that offer.

1 week ago

Chuckreplied to: RE: Deathlands #91 - Blood Harvest

WarZ, yes. I have written for the GE series DL and Mack Bolan. In both cases the publishers sent me a "bible" that included character profiles, weap...

1 week ago

WarZreplied to: RE: Deathlands #91 - Blood Harvest

The "deathlands bible" you read gave you a good grasp of the characters and setting. Was the material really expansive ? Was the "dl bible" somethin...

1 week ago

bbz120created the topic: The first 101 books of the Deathlands series

Attention fellow Deathlands followers and fans.  I had earlier listed my collection of the first 101  Deathlands books for sale due to my pr...

1 week ago

DEATHLANDS, OUTLANDERS, EARTH BLOOD, and JAMES AXLER are all the property of Gold Eagle / Worldwide Library, and are used here strictly under Fair Use guidelines.
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