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Randarchist replied to: RE: DL: Klash Hadron: Local Nonlocality

Max was stating to hate the gas mask already. Perspiration was gathering in the edges of the goggle section, stinging his eyes. Though the mask had be...

3 hours ago

Randarchist replied to: RE: Gold Eagle is Shutting Down

Larry will watch for six months. Larry likes watching stuff.

6 hours ago

)3az )3aziahreplied to: RE: Gold Eagle is Shutting Down

Posted By Jax2 on 12/18/2014 9:55 AM Just watch this space...presuming of course this space is still...

12 hours ago

WarZreplied to: RE: Trivia / Consistency Questions

In the spirit my post, I'd like to provide a piece of trivia that might help as well:

 I once saw poster "AP" which I believe was one of the a...

17 hours ago

WarZcreated the topic: Trivia / Consistency Questions

Did I Miss Something ?

17 hours ago

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