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Madneireplied to: RE: A newbie question

I continued on with the series even with the small hiccup I seen. I am half though book 14 now. I get that things are in flux at the start of any ...

2 days ago

)3az )3aziahreplied to: RE: A newbie question

Welcome aboard Madnei. New York is a big city even by todays standards and covers a lot of square miles. 90 odd years after the collapse such place...

2 days ago

twinsrule26replied to: RE: A newbie question

If my memory is any good way back then the Author was still building up the Deathlands story lines. So the companions might have honestly thoug...

2 days ago

The Phantomreplied to: RE: A newbie question

I would say passing by a place would give a different perspective than going into it.

2 days ago

Madneicreated the topic: A newbie question

A question about the continuity between Book 5 Homeward Bound and Book 13 Seedling

3 days ago

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