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silentalbinoreplied to: RE: The End Of Deathlands:

It's crap that the series has come to an end without at least a satisfying ending. the last book isn't bad but the fans deserve more.

1 week ago

mikeclrreplied to: RE: The End Of Deathlands:

Agreed. I will certainly miss them. Hopefully we haven't seen the last of Ryan and company.

2 weeks ago

Ron Milescreated the topic: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: Storming Paradise

If you were a fan of the old Hercules: The Legendary Journeys tv show, there is a new 4-part serialized Kindle-only novel now available, written by Ri...

2 weeks ago

Ron Milesreplied to: RE: The End Of Deathlands:

I think it's safe to say I am pretty bummed about the whole thing. I have had the last two Deathlands books sitting on my desk for over a month now an...

2 weeks ago

Ron Milescreated the topic: Doctor Who / Deathlands Crossover

So, here's a bit of unexpected weirdness. In issue 7 of Doctor Who Adventures, which was on sale in the UK last month but which has not yet arrived at...

2 weeks ago

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