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Ron Milesreplied to: RE: Mercy Thompson

FYI - Issue # 6 of Mercy Thompson came out last week. You can check out a preview at

2 weeks ago

APreplied to: RE: Deathlands 121 - End Day

P.S.: In the opening pages' back story to Pilgrimage to Hell the 43rd president to be was a Democrat. Lowder and James were guessing at the outcome of...

3 weeks ago

APreplied to: RE: Deathlands 121 - End Day

WoT Vet 07,
Thanks for the comments about End Day. Glad you liked it.
You're right about the explosion being smaller than an actual nuke.
I also h...

3 weeks ago

WoT Vet07replied to: RE: Deathlands 121 - End Day

It is interesting trying to imagine what Vee's Post 2001 universe is like, it must be more similar to our timeline then Ryan's ( with differences...

3 weeks ago

)3az )3aziahcreated the topic: I wonder if Magus... Has read about this? Jim

4 weeks ago

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