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bbz120replied to: RE: Deathlands books for sale

From bbz120, These books are now for sale on Ebay. Search for:   LOT OF 101 James Axler, DEATHLANDS Books,SCI-FI Post Apocalyptic&nb...

1 day ago

Ron Milescreated the topic: Apocalypse Weird: The Red King (WYRD Book 1)

If you are looking for a new post-apocalyptic series to read, you should check out Nick Cole's new series Apocalypse Weird. The first book is being gi...

2 days ago

Randarchist replied to: RE: DL: Klash Hadron: Local Nonlocality

The climb back up the shaft took a lot longer than the descent. Twice along the way they had to stop, pry open a set of elevator doors to rest. Max br...

1 week ago

Jodesreplied to: RE: Gold Eagle is Shutting Down

To hear that Victor Milan is doing the LAST DL for GE which could mean the last DL ever.. Make me really sad. His work is okay, but nothing like A...

1 week ago

lobo357replied to: RE: Gold Eagle is Shutting Down

I've been following this series since the beginning. Guess I'll have to hook up with another action series. With good guns, of course.

1 week ago

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